About Me

A little message from me to you...

Blog Jockeys, that’s what I called you in the early days. Back when I was just me living a carefree life with my boyfriend. Well the boyfriend became a husband and two children came along for the ride. Since 2010 this blog which back then was Late For Reality went from some random ramblings to a well established parenting blog. I worked with some amazing brands, met some incredible people and learnt enough to make social media management my career!

Despite some truly amazing times over the last 9 years life also threw our family some pretty awful curve balls and although I rode out the storm I lost part of myself along the way.

I took some time out, put my laptop down and focused on life away from the blog for a while. After some much needed self care I realised I missed writing but for the blog to work it needed to be true to who I am now. In that time away I rediscovered the things that make my heart happy, I realised I am so much more than just a mother and I have interests and passions I want to share with the world. I needed the blog to match the person I want to be moving forwards.

In life want to be Creative, Positive, Uplifting, Happy and Stuff...and so the new name was born! 

Happy and Stuff is my tiny corner of the internet where I can share all the things that "Spark Joy". There will be bits about the family because they are the biggest part of my life but there will also be posts about food, travel, fashion, beauty and my biggest passion of doing up our beautiful new build home!

I hope you will join me on my own little pursuit of happiness!