Friday, 4 December 2020

Time for a catch up...

You know how we track our years in B.C and A.D? I feel like in the future my life will be B.C and A.C, Before Covid and After Covid because it really doesn't feel like the same world we left behind does it? 

It has been such a roller coaster of a year and I have taken some much needed time out from writing to just navigate my way through. I count myself so lucky to have almost made it through the year with everyone I care about still here. So many people have lost loved ones and my heart breaks for them. If you are one of those people I am truly sorry and send so much love your way. 

What has changed for us in 2020? 

Joe is now working completely from home with his office closing during the first lockdown but he works in remote desktop "stuff" so his industry has been relatively unscathed. We muddled through homeschooling and Ted is on track despite my lack of teaching experience (that was a rough ride wasn't it Mum's and Dad's?). Callie has settled back into nursery well too. Both children were really struggling emotionally by September but since being back have returned to their happy wonderful selves. 

I am down an organ after having my gallbladder removed just under two months ago. A journey I may share with you over here soon if you haven't been following on my Instagram

We haven't seen any family nearly as much as we would have liked, met Joe's side in a country park once but his Nana is in her 80's so we haven't seen her at all which is so sad! I am grateful that my family are local so we managed door step visits and cuppas with Mum saved my sanity before the second lockdown. 

What did we get up to?
  • Lots of lovely walks
  • Crafts galore! (some of our lockdown activities are here)
  • Celebrated VE Day
  • Hung rainbows in our windows and clapped for the NHS
  • New decking in the garden
  • Painted the downstairs toilet
  • Grew our own Pumpkins, Lettuce and kept several houseplants alive
  • Attended lots of Zoom quizzes
  • Had not one but 2 socially distanced weekends away in Norfolk (Nearly lost our son which was a moment of my life I never want to relive!)
  • Ate far too many takeaways
  • Baked Banana Bread (who didn't?!)
  • Potty trained Callie and said goodbye to dummies!
  • Carried out lots of random acts of kindness to spread love at hard times
  • Shopped small and supported local businesses
  • Had a lovely Halloween 
  • Decorated for Christmas early!
Here are some of our memories...

What next? 

Well the Christmas rules have made it all a bit tricky haven't they but we have embraced the changes and are actually spending Christmas day with our best friends and their 3 girls. We are all low risk and the juggle of trying to decide which parts of our own families we see was just too much so we opted for a friends Christmas dinner which will be so lovely. 

We have a meal to a local Robot restaurant booked for Ted's birthday. It was originally for Callie's but with the second lockdown we had to reschedule. My parents were booked to come with but being in Tier 2 now we can't do that so will just be the 4 of us. I will pop a review up after as it looks epic! 

We don't have any grotto experiences booked but are off to review a fun experience next week which I will of course be sharing with you. Christmas has become a lot calmer for us this year and I actually like it. The lack of dates in the diary has left me much more relaxed and we are embracing cosy movie nights and long crisp walks. Ted's school play is being recorded so that we can watch remotely and he is still getting a Christmas Jumper Day complete with roast dinner so it really isn't hugely different for the kids. 

I hope that is a nice little round up of our year and I can't wait to get back into sharing our lives with you all. Do pop over and give me a follow on Instagram if you don't already and I hope you are all safe and well! 

Lots of love

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