Monday, 14 December 2020

Gifts Ideas for 4 Year Olds - Using The 8 Gift Method

When it comes to Christmas shopping for the kids I have always been in either of two camps. I either end up buying too much completely randomly throughout the year and have no idea how much I have spent or I have a complete mind blank and end up buying last minute gifts just because I need to get them something. 

So this year (well and last but not as strictly) I adopted a new technique I had seen online to help get some structure, streamline my present buying and keep within a reasonable budget. The Want, Need, Wear, Read method is quite common but I chose to use the extended rhyme of Make, Do, Share, Feed so that each child gets 8 gifts plus their stockings to open on Christmas morning. Our budget is around £100 per child as they both have winter birthdays and therefore money being spent on birthday presents around the same time. 

I wanted to share with you what we chose for each child under the 8 present rule and a few tips on how to make your money go further at Christmas. First up is Callie who has just turned 4. Her top present on her list from Santa falls into her Want category then we work the rest of the presents from there. 

Want - Callie has been desperate for a Super Marshall Firetruck for ages so in the months leading up to Christmas I have been hunting for a secondhand version. Sadly with it having small water cannons none of the used toys came with all the parts. Next I searched online and realised it was around the £45-50 mark which is A LOT for a kids toy but it was all she had wanted. Eventually we managed to find it on Amazon for £35 so it is worth searching regularly.

Need - I went with a new bedding set. We got a beautiful unicorn one for just £5 from B&M

Wear - Both kids have matching onesies from John Lewis. We actually had some vouchers we hadn't spent and this brings me to another tip. Save any vouchers you have throughout the year towards presents. Even Tesco Clubcard or Boots rewards points all add up. I even save my Costa points for a treat after a stressful shopping trip! They were these ones and are £16 each.

Read - We got her a couple of books this year from The Works in their 10 for £10 deal. She had some for her birthday, Halloween and Christmas. Well worth stocking up! 

Make - I got her a £2.50 bath bomb making kit from The Works too (they have some great deals) it makes one bath bomb but was a lot cheaper than the big sets and she really wouldn't need that many.

Do - A board game, this one is called Animal Who Am I and I know she is going to love it. This was only £6.99 but we used our vouchers again. Aldi currently have some great little games in their specialbuys though which would cover off the Do category really well.

Share - This one was a struggle as I wanted to get the kids this beautiful den making kit from Hobbycraft but it is currently out of stock. I will probably buy them one in the new year when they are back in! 

Feed - I got them a big pack of The Happy News Bananas! £5.98 for two packs I thought was actually such a good deal. 

Hopefully there are some last minute ideas for this year and some helpful tips for next year. I will pop Ted's list up tomorrow for 8 year olds who I think are a lot trickier to buy for. I am pleased we managed to stick to our budget and even if we had paid for the voucher items it would have been in our £100 budget. We were also able to get some stocking fillers with the money we saved!

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