Friday, 11 December 2020

AD - Press Visit - Drive Lap Land at Silverstone Circuit

When it comes to Christmas activities this year we have certainly been limited but lots of places are pulling out all the stops to make Christmas 2020 a special one despite social distancing etc. One of these places is Silverstone Circuit and we were invited along this week to attend their brand new light show extravaganza Drive Lap Land! We also visited the Silverstone Experience Museum but I will pop that in a separate post. 

The event has been so popular as I am sure you can imagine. Everyone is on the hunt for things to do as a family and given that this event is from the comfort of your own car and completely Covid safe it's no surprise they sold out most time slots quickly. I believe there are still some tickets available though and it runs up until 3rd January. Tickets start at £35 per car for the light show or £50 including a drive thru screening of The Snowman at the end. 

As I mentioned we arrived early to Silverstone as we had museum entry beforehand. Staff were really friendly throughout, dressed as elves and really great with the kids. We were guided into a car park where there were toilets, merchandise and a snack van. After the museum we went to buy some snacks and were met on the way by to elves selling flashing light sticks for the kids. Ted chose a light saber and Callie got some flashing antlers. They came to £16 which as always at these things was overpriced but it was a treat for the kids and they will get plenty of use over Christmas. 

Popping over to the snack van with a few minutes to spare and the staff were having a few technical issues. The internet connection was playing up so we wouldn't be able to pay by card. I am sure this was resolved shortly after we left as I had a friend who went after us and it was fine We didn't have time to wait for the issue to be fixed though so promised the kids something after the show and bundled back into the car glow gear in tow! 

There was a bit of confusion as to how we got from the car park up to the start of the track but eventually after asking some staff members we found our way past the dancing elves on the roundabout, over the bridge and onto the track. Following a light studded track we weaved around to the pit stop where we met some more elves who were super friendly and the kids shouted "Merry Christmas" out of the window. The garages were lit up with a winter woodland display which was really pretty.

We were a bit confused by how it all worked just following the track round a bit unsure if we should keep going or where we would start the show. Finally we got to the start of the display and we passed giant snow globes full of festive characters. We tuned our radio into the Silverstone station and there were Christmas songs along with shoutouts via social media. I dropped them a photo of the kids who were buzzing when the DJ said hello to them! 

There were a lot of cars there but everyone seemed to keep in lane and at a reasonable pace. I would say it was busier than I thought as they had said to keep a 5 car distance but it did feel like we were in a big queue. The lights were really fun though, I felt like I was in a night club! I think the music on the radio really made it festive though as the lights themselves weren't Christmas themed. That was until we came around a bend and spotted another snow globe....who was inside? 

Santa! Father Christmas himself perched on a throne with his elf helper by his side. The kids were over the moon that he was there and honestly it was the best part of the show. We continued on past some display cars and some fireballs which made me jump as I had my window down and didn't realise how hot they were. It was fun though and I had moved Callie onto my lap so that she could see more (she's so dinky). 

When we got to the end the cars going to the drive thru screening went in one direction which I later learned had hot food stalls and we snaked back round the track to the main entrance before heading to the nearest McDonald's to fuel our rumbly bellies. 

Overall I think this was a great experience for someone who loves a F1 or racing in general as you are paying for the opportunity to drive around Silverstone. The lights really did need to be more festive perhaps with some art installations or spreading the snow globes out around the track for a treasure hunt sort of thing. It has the potential to be spectacular though and it is certainly shone some light on such a horrible year. 

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