Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Fun Secret Santa Ideas - *FREE* PDF

Secret Santa isn't just for the work place, it is also a great way to reduce spending in the family at Christmas. For a few years my extended family have done Secret Santa amongst the adults and this year we have gone one step further and done it for Christmas Day with my parents and siblings too. We realised we were spending a lot of money on gifts that really nobody needed. By doing a Secret Santa we only have to buy one gift at a set price and everyone comes away with a present that they love...hopefully!

Firstly for anyone who doesn't know what Secret Santa is, it is basically a way of gifting where all the participants names are put in a hat and each person draws a name out. They then have to buy a gift just for that person and all the gifts get put into a pile on Christmas Day/At A Party and the buyer is kept a secret. Now the whole secret thing rarely sticks in our family but on the whole we just do it so you only buy for one person. That's the basics.

There are lots of ways you can theme your Secret Santa and I wanted to share a few ideas with you to spice up your gifting this Christmas!

Alphabet Santa - Each gift has to start with the first letter of the persons name! I did this once at work and it was great, although somehow I ended up with some hair drying gloves so not sure my Santa really understood the idea. 

Gifts of Experiences - This could be cinema tickets, vouchers, subscriptions etc. Something that isn't a gift but more something that the person can enjoy doing. Some ideas here are vouchers for favourite restaurants, coffee shops or activities like rock climbing or gym membership.

Food Santa - This can be shop bought or homemade, the idea is you list 3 food items or flavours that you like and your Santa gifts you something to do with those flavours or foods. Simple but great for foodies. We are doing this one with extended family this year. 

Charity Santa - This one is lovely if none of you really need anything. Each person gifts a set amount to the persons chosen charity. It means the recipient gets money donated to a charity they are passionate about and the gifter can not only feel great donating to a good cause but may learn a bit about that charity at the same time. 

To make Secret Santa a bit easier there are sites like Elfster (not an ad) where your friends and family can sign up, put ideas together and it also draws the names for you to make sure all is done fairly. I have also put together a little sheet below you can use to get some more information from your participants. Just click the image to open the PDF for printing! 

Have you ever had a really bad gift? 
Let me know in the comments below, I promise not to tell the gifter! 

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