Sunday, 6 October 2019

5 Things Not To Do At Blog On

Two weeks ago I went to the brilliant Blog On Toys conference down in Bracknell. This was my second of these great blogging events, with my first being up in Manchester in 2017 and I had the best couple of days. Blogging conferences aren't for everyone...I mean if you don't have a blog yourself then you probably won't understand any of what you are about to read. However if you are interested in hearing 5 Things Not To Do At Blog On then keep on reading! 

First up, when it comes to networking at Blog On I already know a fair few people. I have been blogging for 10 years now so am bound to come across a few bloggers I know. That said if you haven't met any bloggers face to face you should definitely join the attendees Facebook page beforehand. Get chatting in the months leading up to the event. Make a note of people you want to meet and maybe arrange to find them when you arrive to break the ice. Perhaps you can find a "travel fwend" (thumbs up) to buddy up with. 

DON'T get the wrong postcode and drive half way across town to the wrong hotel to meet said "Travel Fwend" though. 

It will leave you extremely flustered, you may end up traumatised from using the toilet in that wrong hotel (eugh don't ask!) and arrive at your destination a frazzled, sweaty mess!

Once you arrive and calm down though it is time to check in and pick up your much coveted #BlogOnGoodyBag which brings me to my next DON'T.

DON'T underestimate the importance of an empty suitcase! 

The goody bags are EPIC and you will not be able to carry them without your trusty Samsonite (other brands are available) Once you have collected them store them safely in your room/car/special place then get on with mingling.

The day is a long one, there are some amazing speakers, sessions and don't even get me started on the brand den! You will have a lot to cram into the day and it can all be a bit overwhelming if you don't have a plan. Next point m'lady....

DON'T just go to sessions because your friends are. 

They might have different skills they want to develop and although you may not know anyone in the session you are interested in I can guarantee you won't feel left out. This is your event, if your goal is to learn everything there is to know about SEO and YouTube then drink up that knowledge. 

If blogging is a hobby for you then why not plan to go to a few sessions that aren't actually blogging related. I attended Karin Joyce's Imperfectly Happy which just uplifted me and inspired me when I really needed it the most. There are often sessions about positive thinking, mental health or even creative workshops that are less business led too.

It is also totally fine to sit out a session and have a chat with friends, explore the brand den or sneak off to your room for a cheeky afternoon nap. I mean we have all wanted to right?!

DON'T forget to enter the giveaways!

Many of the brands on the day will be hosting some fab giveaways that are very simple to enter. Usually just requiring a tweet or share and there are some amazing prizes to be won. This year was Batman's 80th Birthday (he looks good for it right?!) and LEGO were giving away a huge set of Batman LEGO which Ted would have loved! There was also a giant snow globe full of flower petals from the people at Awesome Blossems which had hidden gold petals to find. They also provided the beautiful cake on the day too. 

While we are on the subject of prizes there is a massive raffle each year, there were around 200 prizes from the Toy Awards available and with tickets costing just £1 each it is well worth picking up a few (dozen) tickets. 

DON'T forget your running shoes though! 

As Kate from Counting to Ten discovered your inner Mo Farrah may kick in when the offer of a giant Sylvanian House is on the cards! 

I had a really great time this year and will be getting my ticket for the next event as soon as they go on sale next year. I think my favourite part was meeting up with some of my blogging buddies as they are dotted all over the country. If I can sneak in a little DO for the weekend it is to squirrel away any good bits for Christmas gifts/ your own personal use, make mini goody bags for the kiddos and your other half to cushion the blow when you let them know you are leaving them for another weekend next year. 

Then finally...make the most of the free booze at the after party and let your hair down...but not too much remember the vloggers are everywhere!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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