Friday, 30 August 2019

*Review* Home Education for Pre-Schoolers with Early Years Fun Subscription Boxes

Since becoming a stay at home Mum and pulling Callie out of nursery I have began to feel the pressure to educate her and keep up with her increasing need to learn. She is really smart, I don't mean that in a "my kid is a genius" kind of way, like all parents think their kid is "da bomb" right? She is genuinely quite advanced and it is tricky to keep up with her. 

She is already talking at a level a year ahead and is sharp as a button, not much getting past this kid. She keeps me on my toes and made me realise if I have 2 years before she starts school I am going to have to pull out the big guns to keep her from getting bored. 

My eyes lit up when I saw Early Years Fun were looking for people to try out their new subscription boxes. They took the thinking out of it for me and provided us with all the tools we needed for fun and educational activities from home. 

The box comes with everything you need for 8 activities and all cover off a wide range of areas from sensory and reading to craft and creative play. The set we have is the transport box and Callie loves playing with toy cars and spotting all the different vehicles when we are out and about so it was a perfect match.

We really liked that not all the activities were messy meaning we could take some with us when out and about. The vehicle scavenger hunt with little velcro images was a particular favourite as was the sticker sheet. Callie had so much fun creating her race track picture and showed it off proudly to anyone who came to visit. There was also a pack of Geli Baff in our box which we are going to try out this weekend before Ted goes back to school.

As every activity in the box ties in with EYFS curriculum I found it good to be able to see what ones she was able to complete. It made me feel more positive that when she does start pre-school in January she will be able to carry out these sort of activities and understand what is happening.

Since starting to do more hands on things with her she has come on leaps and bounds, her mark making has improved and she is following instructions well. She thrives when she is using her creativity and it makes me happy having one on one time where she is calm (it has been a tough few months!)

As well as the one off boxes like this one, you can sign up to monthly subscription boxes where you will get a new theme each month. I love the look of the seaside and mini beast ones and hope there will be a Christmas one in the pipeline. There are also a wide range of subscriptions so you can do 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annual sign ups as well as the offer of half size boxes which would make great presents! 

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