Saturday, 27 July 2019

5 Busy Mum Makeup Favourites

I love makeup but rarely write about it because when it comes to beauty products mine need to do the job quickly and with minimal effort. Being a Mum of two young children I am strapped for time when it comes to getting ready in the morning. That means I need products that are easy to apply, cover dark circles and last all day. 

These are my 5 go to makeup items I use most days. They are also relatively cheap so perfect when budget is tight.

1. Concealer - Loreal Infalible

I picked this up after using up the last of my Collection concealer. I need something that is full coverage for my rosacea on my lower cheeks and this works really well. Actually most days I don't use foundation I just pop this on and some bronzer. It is quite a thick consistency but applies really easily and is a doe foot applicator which I prefer to brushes. 

I did notice that the brand call it the Infallible concealer but it says Infaillible on the product. I took to Instagram to see if I could get an answer but they didn't get back to me so who knows!

2. Foundation - Collection Iluminating Touch

I have always been a fan of Collection makeup since it was Collection 2000 back in the day. They were the one of the original low budget brands alongside Miss Sporty before the days of Revolution and MUA. The concealer is fab but while I was trying the Loreal one above I thought I would give the foundation a go and this is my second bottle. 

It is a medium to full coverage but doesn't feel too heavy. It makes me look super healthy too as it adds a dewy glow that is natural. I don't wear a lot of highlighter as lots can be a bit over the top but this achieves that glowy look without the extra product. I use shade Warm Beige which works perfectly with my skin tone. I can't believe it has taken me this long to realise I need to go for neutral undertones as opposed to pink ones. Making that one change has made a huge difference in the colour matching. 

I love the price tag on this too, having previously used the Lasting Perfection which is around the same price they are both great value for money. I prefer this one because the LP one is quite matte and made my face look a bit flat if that makes sense? This is perfect though and I will definitely continue to use it. Just seen it is down to £3.99 on the Superdrug website too!

3. Mascara - Loreal Miss Baby Roll

Mascara is an odd product. I have always found myself getting on better with cheaper brands, I like my lashes to have a proper coating and thickness to them without being clumpy which is hard to find in more expensive brands. They all seemed to be quite runny and although they coated my lashes naturally it wasn't the fullness I get from the likes of Collection and this Loreal one. The brush is really chunky too which is always a must have for me, I can't get on with those rubber ones.

4. Bronzer - Collection Bronze Glow

I have used this bronzer for a long time. Before this one I think I used a more expensive brand that was really similar and thought I would try this. I was converted it was exactly the same for a lot less money. It isn't too orange and I use it as an eyeshadow when I am on holiday to save space in my bag. 

5. Lipstick - Maybelline Color Sensational

This lippy is probably older than you are meant to keep a product for so I probably should get another. This shade Nude Embrace is a lovely warm nude colour and has a lovely creamy texture that lasts all day. It isn't drying at all and as usual the Maybelline packaging is simple but lovely. 

TOP TIP - Buy your makeup when there is an offer on, I know if I buy two items from the same brand there could be an offer in Boots or Superdrug to get something free and many of my lipsticks and nail varnishes have been totally free from these deals! 

Let me know in the comments if you have used any of these products or can recommend new favourites to add to my kit! 

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