Sunday, 2 June 2019

Taking Care Of Garden Birds - Nature Activities

A great activity to do with the kids is making lard balls to feed the birds and welcome them into your garden. I call them Lard balls as it sounds better than Fat Balls (giggles) but you may have heard them called Fat Cakes too...its all the same thing really.

Lards balls are super easy to make and are a great way of combining messy play and educating children about wildlife. We like to discuss what birds we can find in our gardens and there are so many amazing resources online including activity sheets and bird identification sheets. I particularly like the RSPB website for these. 

Lard balls are particularly good to make in the autumn and winter months to fatten the birds up ready for the cold weather when there are less worms and grubs for them to enjoy. 

How to make Lard Balls

Take a couple of blocks of lard, we got supermarket own brand which is really cheap. 

Squish it in a bowl with your hands (messy!) until soft and then sprinkle in some bird seed. This can be brought in most garden centres or we got ours from a bargain shop for £1 a bag.

Combine the seeds and the lard making sure to add plenty of the yummy seeds and shape into balls. 

Allow these to set in the fridge over night and there you have it! 

A few more things you can do to welcome birds into your garden are to install a bird house, this can be decorated or there are some really fancy ones you can get. Bird baths are a great place for them to have a splash around in the summer months. Seed eating birds will need the water to help wash down the seeds. They will begin to see your garden with its bath as part of their routine returning frequently and little splashy birds are so fun to watch. 

You can also get special electrical alarms that will keep cats and other predators away. They will cost some money but are worth considering if you really want to build a sanctuary for the birds. 

Another great activity I found online was to build your own birds nest. Super cute if you have smaller children - Thank you Mother Natured for this one! 

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