Wednesday, 5 June 2019

A Short Stop in Saint Tropez

During our first day on board the Riviera we were in Saint Tropez. I didn't quite know what to expect as nobody I know has really been but we didn't want to spend the whole day on the ship so got the tender boat over to the mainland  and went for an explore. 

That morning we had requested room service for breakfast. There were cereals and pastries but we were a little disappointed with them. Mostly because it was pre-made pastries and packet cereal. We discovered the next morning that breakfast in the restaurant was so much better and didn't order breakfast to our room again. Anyway with very little in our stomachs we made our way to the tender which was essentially the ships lifeboats that ferried people between the ship and harbour which was a few minutes ride away. 

These tender boats were light and got thrown around quite a bit in the water. We got on quite early and had to wait 15 minutes for the boat to fill before we could leave. During that time however we were sat with no air circulating, nearly 100 people bobbing around on the ocean. I went green. All I could think was do not be sick in front of all of these people! There was nowhere to be sick either and it wasn't until our final day I discovered there were sick bags on the back of the chairs! 

Anyway eventually the boat got moving and over to Saint Tropez. It took me a good 30 minutes to stop feeling sick but we wandered into town to explore. Next came the hardest bit. Now I speak basic GCSE French, Joe speaks about 5 phrases and for some reason every word of French left my brain the second we got off the ship...

Some areas of France can be quite helpful, they have English alongside French on maps and road signs. Not in Saint Tropez. Every written word was French and that was where we came unstuck. We wandered towards the market in search of some food. Chips...we found chips! The man in the food truck didn't speak a word of English but we managed to order Deux Petite Frites, Diet Cola et Fanta Citron. Ahh Lemon Fanta how I missed you! 

We took a walk through some lanes with boutiques on either side, they were beautiful and a buzz with tourists. Heading back to the harbour we ate our chips and decided to find a public toilet. We found one and it was 50c per person, the woman at the desk was really blunt with us when we didn't have the correct change but took our 10 Euros and changed it up. Toilets done we headed of to explore some more and felt a bit lost, not being able to read the map or properly ask for directions was difficult. We took a walk around the harbour and saw some amazing yachts. It was our first glimpse at how the other half live. It was fun spotting the British ones and seeing the variety of different styles. There was a jet black one which was beautiful and some older ones with wooden detailing that had been looked after so well. Always a bit awkward staring at someone else's home from home when they are sat enjoying a drink on the deck but I am sure they are used to it. 

Next we headed back to the market, I love a good foreign market and wanted to see what local produce was on offer. Both of us were a bit too nervous to approach the stall holders, not being able to speak the language in a place where they seem a bit reluctant to help us was biting us in the butt again. We walked around for a bit longer admiring the stalls from afar, particularly the florists with stunning peonies and the sweet stall with huge fruit shaped marshmallows, then headed back to the port to spend the afternoon back on the ship. 

We made the sensible decision to wait off the tender boat on the way back until it was just about to leave, something a few ladies did on the way out and it saved that time bobbing around waiting to be sick. The boat wasn't full on the way back and I sat near the door facing the horizon. The combination of a cool breeze and being able to see what was going on outside helped a lot and we were back on the ship in no time with the full colour in my cheeks.

Back on board we went to the Terrace restaurant which was buffet style. The food choice was enormous and we couldn't resist a slice of pizza along with some fresh salad options. There was such a wide range to choose from and all so delicious, we sat and ate while we watched yachts going past. 

That evening we met up with Joe's colleague I mentioned in the previous post and his wife. We went for dinner which was lovely then had a few drinks in the bar before heading to bed. A nice slow start to the break but much needed after the travelling the day before. Next stop was back to Monaco for a day on board networking and our Gala Night at Salles des Etoiles.

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