Saturday, 4 May 2019

Happy and Stuff

Those of you that have followed me for a long time will know Late For Reality was a parenting and lifestyle blog. Over the last almost 10 years I have written a lot about the ups and downs of parenting which were true and honest but sometimes hard and heartbreaking. We have had a roller coaster ride of emotions in the last 5 years and I felt like personally I lost my way a little.
After taking a few months out and practising some self care I decided I needed a fresh start with the blog as well as my life in general. I rediscovered things that make my heart happy, I realised I am so much more than just a mother and I have interests and passions I want to share with the world. I wanted the blog to match the person I want to be moving forwards.
I want to be Creative, Positive, Uplifting, Happy and Stuff...and so the new name was born!

Happy and Stuff is my tiny corner of the internet where I can share all the things that "Spark Joy". There will be bits about the family because they are the biggest part of my life but there will also be posts about food, travel, fashion, beauty and my biggest passion of doing up our beautiful new build home!
I hope you will join in this new venture and feel free to invite some friends along for the ride!

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