Sunday, 3 February 2019

Decorating our new bedroom with Valspar Paint - AD

"You can't decorate a new build for 2 years"

How many times have I heard that? I was certain that was the case too but we were actually told when we bought the house that you can decorate straight away as long as it is fully breathable paint. The reason is mainly if there are cracks during the settling period and repairs are needed the tradesman may need to touch up the paint. We are keeping some of the colour in the garage for this reason. That said we were so busy trying to furnish the house that painting hadn't crossed my mind until I was approached by Valspar to try out some of their paint and let you all know what we thought of it. 

We eventually want to paint the whole house but it was an easy decision that our bedroom would be the first room to get the special treatment. It is our sanctuary and having always had rental properties I was desperate to have a bedroom we could have how we wanted. 

I had been storing up ideas for months and knew we wanted grey, pink and copper in our room with wooden furniture. The room looked beautiful as it was but needed warming up a little. This was where the paint came in. Valspar has some gorgeous shades of pink and it really was hard to choose a shade that would work for the room. I didn't want it to be too 'girlie' or bright. I have always loved the more dusky pinks but most of them were quite pale and wouldn't make for the best feature wall. However after picking up some samples I fell in love with Rose Sugar.

We also picked up some paint to do Callie's room which will feature in a different post and a few sample pots for our downstairs toilet and Ted's bedroom for future projects. The staff in B&Q were so lovely. The paint is mixed in store and they tested some of the colour on the swatches so that we could see how it would look when it dried. The Valspar V700 is the highest quality wall and ceiling paint they offer and at £28 per 2.5L it isn't cheap but it really is worth the extra cost for the standard of finish. 

As it was my first time painting I went in prepared, I picked up a Harris brush for cutting in which I have heard good things about and Valspar had sent a roller and tray for us to use. I did also get some disposable dust sheets, mini rollers and Frog Tape. I have heard bog standard masking tape can take the paint off with it but Frog Tape was recommended by a friend so I thought I would give it a go.

Once we had moved all of the furniture away from the wall and laid out the dust sheets I got to work taping the edges of the wall. This was a single feature wall so I needed to tape off the ceiling, sides, socket covers and skirting board. This takes a bit of time but the prep work is worth it for a sleeker finish. 

I then mixed the paint with a chopstick (all the pro's do this!) to ensure the colour was fully blended and poured a small amount into the tray. Using my paint brush I started cutting in, this is done by painting the edges of the room slowly and carefully (this is where the Frog Tape helps) before finishing the rest with the roller. I am so clumsy and despite having the tape I still knocked the ceiling a couple of times which now need tidying up. Our builders have promised a small tub of the white paint used originally so this will have to wait unfortunately. I removed the Frog Tape about 20 minutes after painting as recommended but it did take a small patch of the original white paint off with it which was frustrating but I think is just down to cheap paint being used by the builders. 

The bedroom was absolute carnage midway through but I reassured myself that things always look worse before they get better! I only did 1 coat and the finish looked great at first but on closer inspection it definitely could do with a second coat. My parent's decorator said if you think a wall needs 2 coats then do 3 so actually 2 coats of this paint is better than most other trade paints. 

The V700 paint is fully wipeable even with a scourer (or so we are told, we haven't tested that yet!) and stain resistant making it perfect for use in busy areas of the house like kids rooms and hallways. We have only been in 6 months and the hallway has so many scuffs and hand prints. 

I am totally in love with the colour and Joe really likes it too. He was really apprehensive about having a pink bedroom but he said he should have trusted me as it looks really nice. Not at all 'Barbie' like and adds a luxurious finish to the room. We still have a shelf to put up and a few extra accessories to add but I am so happy with it and it feels like the grown up room we've always wanted. 

I thought I would show you a few of the colours we have been looking at for the rest of the house too. Callie's bedroom is next on the list and we picked up a really fun shade called Luminous Coral. I didn't want to go for pink in her room and as most of her accessories are pastel shades I thought a peachy tone would work really nicely. 

Ted's explorer themed bedroom will be decorated soon too with a green feature wall. There are so many greens to choose from but Brussel Sprouts stood out for us and we picked up a sample pot to try out. 

Overall we are really impressed with the Valspar paint and will definitely be using it for the rest of the house. Now to get Callie's room finished so that I can share it with you!

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