Thursday, 8 November 2018

Slimming World and Me - November

Slimming World and Me is a new feature I have wanted to start for a while now. Those of you that have followed me for a while will know I am almost 2 years into my weight loss journey and my life has been transformed massively. I have lost nearly 3 stone and feel so much happier and healthier for it. This series will be my place to document my journey as well as sharing any tips, tricks and favourites from the month. 

Lets kick off November with a bit of an update. I am currently 10st 4.5lbs and have been teetering on the edge of target for months and months. I only weigh 6lbs or so less than I was this time last year which is frustrating but if I am honest I rarely follow the plan 100% and have been too flexible with it to deserve target. Since we moved in June I have really struggled to get into a routine. I left my job last month too which has been very stressful and I went off the rails with my eating. Fortunately for me I rarely gained more than 2lbs in a week and somehow lost the next week so target isn't any further away. However I have been paying to attend group for 6 months and not really gotten anywhere so I either call target and save myself some money or pull my finger out and lose that last bit of weight.

I am really not keen on calling target. I gave myself a nice (not so round) figure of 10 stone for my target weight. I will have lost 3 stone then and I am pretty hard on myself, not getting to 10 stone will now feel like I have failed. Anyway enough rambling on about it, that is where I am. So close to target but faffing about! 

Foods I am loving this month...

So despite not being on plan 100% I have still been trying to food optimise as best I can and one of the best things I have found is the Take 5 book from Slimming World. It is available to buy in group and is really similar to the Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients cook book but of course all low syn recipes. Our favourite recipe we have made so far is the Beef Casserole. I actually took the recipe in to group this week as part of a 'Show and Tell' type of session. We tweak the recipe by adding rosemary from our garden but it is so comforting and easy to bung in the slow cooker.

I always enjoy smoked salmon and poached eggs on toast so been having that when I can and when we are out I opt for a jacket potato with beans and cheese which satisfies my hunger without going too far off the rails (always hard to work out how much of the cheese is HexA but it isn't every day).

I have made this bread and butter pudding a couple of times too and discovered the wonder that is coconut milk lattes from Costa! When at home though the spiced orange Choc Shot is a great hot chocolate replacement and topped with light squirty cream for a couple of syns is lush. 

I also am obsessed with rich tea biscuits which can be dangerous to just have a few but at 2syns each I can have 3 or 4 and still feels like a treat. 

What's New?

So the Sticky Toffee HiFi bars from group didn't last long and are being discontinued. I like them but they are a bit sweet. It was leaked somewhere and our consultant let us know there is a Millionaire's Shortbread one coming in January! Yum!

I have filled out a little snowflake that is my Christmas wish. I want to get to target by Christmas and thought it would be easy but with 7 weeks to go (I think) that seems a bit harder than I anticipated. 

How do I feel? 

I honestly feel great. I have my wobbly bits but most of that is my Mum Tum and I have little control over. My size 10/12 clothes fit and I am totally ok with being this size. I have some size 8 clothes and some size 14 clothes so I am aware sizing is different depending on where you shop. I feel confident when I make the effort to dress up and overall am the happiest I have been in a long time. Perhaps that is why I am being a bit flexible and not being too hard on myself but at the same time it could easily go back on again so I need to keep a lid on the junk food. 

I guess that is it for this month. I will check back in for my December update before Christmas and hopefully will be closer to target and that Christmas wish! Let me know if you are a Slimming World member as I would love to hear from you and don't forget to follow me on Instagram for daily posts.

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