Monday, 12 November 2018

5 Self Care Ideas

As a mother life is about taking care of others. Making sure everyone is fed, clean, clothed and happy. Juggling school admin, medical appointments, family commitments and generally running round like a blue arsed fly keeping things ticking over. It is easy for your own importance to slip to the bottom of the pile. 

When I feel like Mum life has got on top of me I like to do a few things to take care of myself both physically and mentally. These things are guaranteed to get me back to myself again. 

5 Minutes Peace

Sometimes it is hard to find big chunks of time to take out but just 5 minutes a day can really help. When Joe gets in from work and is able to watch the kids I take myself away. I will either practice my brush lettering (a new hobby) enjoy a cup of tea in peace or just sit in my bedroom and scroll mindlessly through Instagram. It really doesn't matter what it is but just those 5 minutes away to gather my thoughts, take a few deep breaths and clear my head help massively. Try it, just 5 minutes a day! 

Retail Therapy

Every once in a while I will arrange a shopping trip, often with my Mum or siblings. Joe will have the kids for the day and I may not even spend a lot of money but lunch is always on the cards. Nothing nicer than lunch without shouty children and shopping without a toddler fighting to get out of the pram! 

Home Spa

This one sounds posher than it is. I basically run a bath with lots of bubbles, dig out my favourite bath products and unwind. This is usually once the kids are in bed and I will catch up on my favourite YouTube videos in peace. I love to warm my towels on the radiator too to make them extra snuggly when I get out. Add some candles and soothing music if you like but just lay back and wash away all of your worries. 

Date Night

We don't get these very often but when we do I make the most of them. Our favourite place to eat  locally is Miller and Carter where the food is good and my favourite Summer Sling cocktail awaits. I pop on a nice dress, curl my hair and throw on a bright lippy. It is rare to get a chance to dress up so I embrace it. We don't stay out late but being just the two of us reminds me of who I am without the children and I remember that as much as I love them, I am more than just a mother. 

Eyebrows/Hair Appointments

I love getting my brows done. I have only been having them done for a year or so but feel so good once they are tidy. Getting my hair done is great too, especially if I pick up my favourite coconut latte beforehand! I only get it done once in a blue moon (probably 6 monthly!) but it never fails to perk me up. 

These things aren't huge, expensive (except Miller and Carter but you can eat somewhere else) or hard to plan. They can be added into your daily lives with minimal effort but trust me, maximum effect! If you feel overwhelmed try the 5 minutes a day and build up from there. Make time for yourself because if you aren't feeling 100% then neither will everyone else. 

Have I been missing out on any other ways to take care of myself? Let me know if you have any recommendations. 

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  1. These are great ideas. I love a bit of at home pampering and I've been getting my eyebrows threaded for about 6 months now and is my little treat every month!


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