Saturday, 13 October 2018

10 Things I Learnt From Attending My First Kids Halloween Party

This post is one from the archives. From back when I only had one child and everything was new...including Halloween with kids. Enjoy!

I attended my first kids Halloween party yesterday, something I have managed to avoid miss out on since Ted has always been too small. However this year with his love of all things Halloween and an invitation from a friend we took a step into the unknown and I learnt a lot along the way! 

1. My friend Jess has balls! Not hairy man balls though...just seriously brave ones! 

2. I can totally pull a costume together in 5 minutes. (Ted changed his mind as we were about to leave the house)

3. Donning a pair of epic homemade Maleficent horns makes for uncomfortable driving.

4. Get petrol the day before and not whilst dressed up in said Maleficent horns.

5. Toddlers don't know who the F' this Maleficent chick is. FYI...I was not a cat!

6. I did well to check if all parents were dressing up beforehand.

7. My son is awesome! He settled in despite not knowing anyone and wasn't the slightest bit worried. 

8. I will never again attempt to judge a party game for a room full of toddlers dressed up. They are too cute to judge and you will fail.

9. It is best to try and ignore the amount of junk food your child is eating and instead of worrying...join in! 

10. 20 small children, just as many adults, sweets, cakes and cobweb will come out looking worse than you went in's good fun! *brushes cobwebs and toddler lick from trousers*

***Top tip...Roll with it!***

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