Thursday, 24 May 2018

Bambo Nature Press Launch at Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens

We were recently invited to an event at the very beautiful Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens in Northamptonshire by a new environmentally friendly family brand called Bambo Nature
The event was to launch their new vegan and cruelty free skincare range as well as showcasing their eco nappies and wet wipes

The event was planned with children and babies at the forefront. The whole day was hands on and relaxed, plenty of activities to keep little ones entertained and boy was Callie entertained! We were introduced to the brand and given a bit of background into the ethos and history. 

Their nappies are Skin-Friendly with no dangerous chemicals and or allergens. Eco-Friendly using sustainable resources and less waste. Sleep-Friendly with maximum absorbency and are ultra-soft and flexible.

After we had the chance to meet the brand and take a look at the products the tiny babies were given massages with parents getting guidance from Emma at Tiny Toes Reflexology Callie however was never going to sit still long enough for a massage and got stuck in to some craft activities with amazing natural materials. We crafted a stunning dream catcher which I am in love with and Callie loved threading the wooden beads and bamboo...mostly onto Mummy's fingers! 

We then had a mini photo shoot with Natalie from Imaging Eye Photography. She was great with Callie and really made her relax in front of the camera. She already has her 'Cheese' face down to a tee but I think all of the candid photos taken throughout the day were perfect too. 

After a spot of outdoor painting we all enjoyed a delicious lunch complete with the yummiest victoria sponge and I was able to sit down and talk to a couple of other bloggers and the brand themselves. We talked about Callie's sensitive skin and I was able to try some of the Splish Splash Bath Oil out on her arms. It is fragrance free and felt really gentle and soft. She has mild eczema so I am always cautious about trying new products but they are really good. 

We were sent home with some products to try out, the nappies fit perfectly, are absorbant but thin and flexible. The wipes come in a larger pack size which is great and they aren't super soapy or heavily scented like other wipes on the market. Most of all though we wanted to try out the Bath Buddy Hair and Body wash so into the bath both kids went for lots of splashing...and I mean lots, I got soaked! 

The hair and body wash was so mild and Callie didn't come out of the bath with flare ups like she quite often does with lots of the leading brands. We then lathered her up with the bath oil and it soaked in nicely leaving her skin really soft and moisturised. 

Actually that night I decided to try the Love Balm Soothing Cream myself. It has the colour of a barrier cream but a bit looser than Sudocrem. I wasn't sure how it would rub into my skin but it actually was easy to use and didn't feel greasy. The next morning my makeup went on so well and my skin felt the best it has done in a long time! 

Although Bambo Nature nappies and wipes are on the higher end of changing products when it comes to their price, I do think they are a great disposable alternative to cloth nappies and a good in between item if you are wanting to embrace an enviromentally friendly lifestyle but are unsure if cloth nappies are for you. 

The skincare products however are really reasonably priced at £3.99 for the Snuggle Time Lotion and Bath Buddy then £7.99 for the Love Balm and Splish Splash Oil which will both last a long time. 

Overall we had a great day out and I am really glad to be able to share this brand with you!

Bambo Nature UK: @bambonatureuk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

Imaging Eye photography: @imagingeyephotography on Facebook @bannernatalie on Instagram 

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