Thursday, 29 March 2018

Organising your car with Summer Infant Travel Accessories

Who else has a car like this?

Ok perhaps I am exaggerating but honestly until recently my car was a total dumping ground. I had spare clothes, empty water bottles, wrappers, leaves and all sorts of crumbs in it. This is part and parcel of being a parent but enough was enough. 

Awful right?

I had a big clear out and with the help of Summer Infant travel products, a vacuum cleaner and a duster I was able to make my car a comfortable place to be for both myself and the family. 

I started by emptying out the clutter that had build up. Nobody needs 3 coats in the car and it certainly isn't hat and sun cream weather anymore. I lay it all out on the grass next to the drive and would come back to that later. Next I vacuumed out the footwells and boot, making sure to get all those little crumbs up and perhaps the odd half eaten biscuit. Then came the dusting, Ted loved this bit and as Callie was at nursery he was the only child I needed to keep busy.

Once the inside of the car was clean and relatively shiny I organised my CD's in a lunchbag I had spare, it was the right shape for CD's and stopped them cluttering up my door compartments. I then popped an ice scraper in the glove box and any spare change in my cup holder for car parking. The kid's pasta bracelets from nursery took pride of place on my rear view mirror (later discovered that was illegal so removed them) and it was time to move on to the back seats.

I wanted to make car journeys comfortable for the kids so picked them up some seat belt cushions. Ted has Toy Story ones which I think were from Poundland a year ago and we were kindly sent these lovely Fawn Cushy Straps from Summer Infant. They are really soft and will help to hold Callie's head up when she falls asleep in the car. She loves the fawns too although I did think they were bears at first. 

So comfort sorted next I needed a way to stop Ted from destroying the back of the seats with his muddy feet. This was where these Seat Protectors came in. They come in a pack of two so we put one in Joe's car too. The extra storage at the top is super handy for storing spare wipes, a nappy and a change of clothes as well as any random toys. For long journeys we pop snacks in and some books for Ted. They are really easy to use and just strap around the front seats.

Moving on to the boot I cleared out all the things we didn't need in there reducing it down to the essentials. Using a reusable hessian bag I restocked with my picnic blanket, a warm blanket, an umbrella, my trolleybags, the usual car stuff obviously stays in there (no expert on those matters) and Callie's storm cover for the pram alongside her Rayshade which although isn't really used much at the moment is really useful for sunny days.

All of that loaded back into the car and the pram squished in the car was good to go! Now really how long until it is back to the way it started? 

Do you have any advice on keeping the car clean and tidy with children?

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