Friday, 8 December 2017

3 Small Businesses to Support This Christmas

Christmas is great isn't it? Full of festive cheer and time to spend with your loved ones. For me I have always enjoyed putting a smile on people's faces and buying an extra special gift is a perfect way to do this. This year I have tried to buy from small businesses where I can, be it at Christmas fairs or online and I wanted to share with you 3 of my favourite places to pick up unique handmade or hand designed gifts.

Up first is a brand I have mentioned over on my social media a lot over the last few years. Lamb & Bear started off life when talented blogger Alex decided to take a gamble and set up her own business designing children's leggings. Her unique designs included ducks, crocodiles, giraffes and my favourite's Stevie Stegosaurus prints. 

Over the past couple of years the brand has grown but Alex still works from home around her two little boys and has recently released a range of new designs including these beautiful Flaming Flamingo leggings, muslins, sleepsuits and a new range of Mummy and Baby headbands. All the clothing is 100% cotton and the sizing is great. I love the fact the designs are unisex and Ted and Callie had matching Stevie leggings for a while too. These products make great gifts as they are so reasonably priced and come wrapped complete with a Lamb & Bear sticker.

Next is a product close to our hearts as they are handmade by our brother in law Frank. He is so talented and I just had to mention our hand carved Family Stone Drop. Each drop is carved from re-purposed wood with gemstones set in for each member of the family. We have a Blue and Pink stone for Joe and I and two smaller stones below for both Ted and Callie. They come on a rustic wood slice plinth and each drop is packaged perfectly with a certificate of authenticity. Frank is in the process of setting up his own Etsy site but you can contact him directly through Facebook to register your interest and place an order. 

Finally is the brainchild of another work at home Mum, Beth who has 3 small children set up Freddie & Co just last year and her personalised prints and stationery are fab. Beth works so hard to adapt each design to suit her customers requirements and even makes designs from scratch if requested.

We have 4 prints we will be displaying around our home including this 'Our Family' print with wellies for each member of the family. We also have 3 other designs going up in the kids bedroom so I will share those with you when they are finished. I may also have ordered a unicorn print for my Goddaughter too! I love this sort of thing and I think personalised prints can really add some finishing touches to a room. These prints are really reasonably priced and would make a great gift in a pretty frame. 

So there you have it, 3 brands or products you may not have heard of before and 3 stories behind them. I hope this post has inspired you to hunt out some new small businesses this year. It feels so much better knowing your money is going to support a family or to someone who puts so much time and love into their products.

*I was sent these products as samples but all opinions are my own

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