Thursday, 16 November 2017

School Mum Essentials from Superdrug

When it comes to winter essentials our priorities change considerably when we become parents. I never in a million years would have thought a box of colourful emoji plasters or a nit comb would enter my home yet Superdrug were kind enough to send us some of their back to school essentials and we have been trying them out over the first term. 

When it comes to boo boo's kids get a lot of them and they aren't satisfied with beige medical issue plasters. To get those bad boys on a paper cut they must have fun characters on. In Ted's case it would most often be superheroes but these Superdrug Fix 'Em Plasters went down very well following the recent Emoji Movie release. The Savlon cream is also great for cuts & grazes, insect bites & stings, minor burns & scalds. 

Then there is the non blood related boo boo's in germ form. Once he started school Ted became a target for those icky germs and has had a constant cold since September. This is where we are relying on lots of fruit and veg to boost his immune system but for added reassurance we have been topping him up with a multivitamin. 

These Haliborange chewable ones are great and he actually asks for his 1 a day trying to convince me he doesn't need to eat his veggies if he has one of those! I remember having them as a child and as a parent it puts me at ease knowing he is getting the vitamins he needs even on days when chicken nuggets is all he wants for dinner.

I mentioned nit combs. My skin crawls at the thought of having to deal with them in the future but more than likely we will face the dreaded headlice at some stage and I am well prepared. I can't even write about them without itching but I am going to have to suck it up and deal with it should the 'issue' arise.

We were also sent a pack of Superdrug Handy Antibacterial Wipes, an essential for any changing bag and perfect when you arrive at school and spot your childs leftover Marmite toast still smeared across their cheeks! 

What must have items would you recommend to first time school parents?

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