Tuesday, 10 October 2017

An Ode to New School Mums

An Ode to New School Mums

It is almost half term,
We have made it this far,
We are feeling haggard,
We need a trip to the spa,

There are stains on the polo's
And stuffs to the knees,
Name labels have come off,
We have resorted to the Sharpies,

Maisie Mountain is our new BFF,
Good old Read Write Inc,
We have so many dates to remember,
There is barely time to think,

But they have eaten all their lunches,
Cracked their new routine,
Made friends and laughed lots,
And a few days came home clean,

They nailed their song for Harvest,
They made us burst with pride,
Then despite refusing not to,
These brave new school Mums....cried!

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