Sunday, 24 September 2017

Coffee and a Catch Up...

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I haven't blogged in a long time. If I am honest I have been struggling to get back into the swing of things after the summer. Ted has now started school which has its own stresses (so much to remember!) and while he was on half days the time just flew by. It is my birthday next week and Joe's the week after so been sorting bits out for that and dealing with lots of other things so really life has been a bit crazy. 

I have a few posts I am working on but my mind keeps going blank making publishing them near on impossible. I have been meaning to update you all on Callie's development as she is now 10 months and turning into a toddler before my eyes. I want to share the pictures from our trip to Prague and a few days out we have been on. II have ideas for vlogs that I want to get filmed, I also have craft tutorials and house tours, recipes and weight loss updates but it is all a bit too much at the moment and I honestly need to focus on myself and my little family who are the most important thing right now. 

I have been embracing just spending time with them and enjoying moments without thinking that I have to photograph it for the blog. My Instagram is updated daily so if you do want to see what we are up to I always find the time to keep that going, do pop over and say hi. 

I will have a giveaway coming up soon for a Blade and Rose set which I am sure lots of you will love and a few travel essentials from Summer Infant to share with you. 

Anyway that is what is happening and where I have been. I want to know if you guys would be interested in any Christmas gift guides, if so I will try and hunt out some good gift ideas to share. Leave me a comment and let me know how you are all doing, I do love to hear from you!

For now I will go back to my roots and end this with Over and Out Blog Jockeys! 

Catch you soon!

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