Monday, 7 August 2017

Becoming a School Run Mum - Will there be tears on the first day of school?

I reckon there will be some tears at some stage during Ted's first few months at school but probably not on the first day. Not from us. 

This isn't my first rodeo. My kids have both been in childcare with Ted going to a childminder at 7 months and then on to nursery and Callie started at 7 months too so having them looked after by someone else isn't new to me. I am not nervous or apprehensive about Ted going to school, I am excited!

Not excited for me getting 5 days a week without him pestering for his next snack or bending my ear off about Power Rangers (although that will be welcomed) but excited for him. Excited about his new life as a school child. Excited about him making new friends. Excited about him being able to learn new skills he so desperately craves.

Ted's thirst for knowledge is inspiring. He is constantly asking questions about the world around him. Nursery have told us he is a year ahead in his EYFS assessments and I hope that continues. He has a good group of friends already and is so sociable and friendly I have no doubt he will fit in with his class.

I am not worried about him, he will smash it. I also don't think I am particularly worried about me either. I have a few Mum friends I have met through nursery and honestly think I will enjoy meeting new people. I have put my name down for the PTA (I know what have I let myself in for) and am hoping to be able to be able to help out on school trips and events. 

As I said there probably will be tears. I predict them being at the Christmas play or his first assembly. When we went for his parents induction I felt my heart swell when they told us all the things he would be doing at school. Thinking about all the opportunities this would open up to him and how happy he would be made me so emotional in a way that I don't think I have ever felt before. 

So in answer to my own question, will there be tears on the first day of school? No, I don't think there will be tears on the first day of school but that isn't to say they won't be there soon! 

Are your little ones starting school in September? How do you feel about it?


  1. Ah! I've been there. It's such a big milestone. I was pretty much the same! Sobbed through the first Christmas play! Mine starts secondary school next September which I'm in flat denial about!

  2. Welcome to the school run Mums club!! It's tough going and this school term is bittersweet for me personally, as it will be my last, first day of Primary school. There will be tears! Ted will have an amazing time though. x

  3. aww its such a huge thing though isnt it :( I dont know who it hits harder, im sure you will all be ok!


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