Wednesday, 26 July 2017

School Uniform from Trutex

I started writing this post by saying the usual "how is my little boy starting school in September?" but actually he is more than ready for school. Being one of the eldest in his nursery group and quite advanced for his age has meant Ted has all but outgrown being a pre-schooler and is totally ready for what primary school has to offer.

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I will be sharing a post soon about how it feels for me as his Mum knowing my first born is taking his next step into the big wide world but for now I wanted to share a school uniform review. We were kindly sent 3 items of uniform from Trutex to try out and I chose two polo shirts and some grey trousers. 

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The sizes for the trousers work in ages so 5,6,7 as opposed to 5-6 or 6-7 and thinking that Ted was on the bigger side compared to his peers I opted for age 6. How mistaken I was! The sizing comes up true to size unlike most high street stores so poor Ted is a little swamped in his trousers. 

My tall 4 year old looks lost in his age 6 trousers so they may need to be put away until he grows into them. The quality however is fantastic. The stitching is strong and the fabric feels like it could withstand even Ted's ninja moves in the playground. 

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I like that there is a choice of styles on the Trutex website, we opted for the sturdy fit in charcoal. I have always preferred grey trousers for smaller children, the black just seems quite harsh and can show up more marks.

royal blue school shirt

As for the polo shirts we went for one in white to wear under his school jumper, the collar over the blue jumper looks lovely. We also got a royal blue shirt which I think will  be Ted's go to option as he rarely wears jumpers and the blue will get less grubby over time. The polo shirts are just as good quality as the trousers and have nice stiff collars which I always like. 

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Visit the website to find your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform and try it out for yourselves! 

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