Friday, 30 June 2017

Callie at 8 Months

My goodness the last few months have flown by. Each week seems to whizz past before I have even had a chance to think! Callie is now 34 weeks old, on Wednesday that makes her 8 months. It is so hard to believe that soon she will have been in the world for as long as she was growing in my tummy. 

Callie started at nursery last month, she is on solids 3 times a day now and enjoying finger food. She has 3 x 7oz bottles a day and is sleeping through most nights. She now shares a room with Ted and much to my surprise it is going really well. She goes up to bed at about 6.30/7pm and once she is settled we pop Ted down. They are both great sleepers so we are very fortunate. 

She is wearing 6-9 month clothes although to get my moneys worth I do pop her in 9-12 and roll the sleeves/legs up. I love dressing her and Ted in matching clothes too as it looks super cute but bless her she still has very little hair so gets called a boy unless dressed head to toe in pink! 

Our CalliePops is such a bubbly child, full of smiles and super sociable. She has made friends at nursery and adores the bigger children. I think she would get up and run around with them if she could but as you will see below she is not quite there yet! So as with her 1-3 months and 4-5 months updates I have borrowed the Babycentre milestone chart to show where we are at. Things Pops can do now are in bold! 

6 Months

  • Turns towards sounds and voices
  • Imitates sounds, blows bubbles
  • Rolls in both directions
  • Reaches for objects and mouths them
  • Sits without support
  • May lunge forward or start crawling
  • May jabber or combine syllables
  • May drag object towards herself

7 Months

  • Sits without support
  • Reaches for things with a sweeping motion
  • Imitates speech sounds (babbles)
  • Combines syllables into word-like sounds
  • Begins to crawl or lunges forward
  • Picks up objects with one hand and passes to the other hand
  • Bangs objects together
  • Stands while holding on to something
  • Waves goodbye

8 Months

  • Says "dada" and "mama" to both parents (isn't specific)
  • Begins to crawl
  • Passes object from hand to hand
  • Stands while holding on to something
  • Crawls well
  • Points at objects
  • Pulls self to standing position, cruises around furniture while holding on
  • Picks things up with thumb-and-finger pincer grasp
  • Indicates wants with gestures

As you can see she is pretty much on track for most things with a few skills to work on. She has said Dada a few times but we aren't sure if that was a fluke and this week she said Buhbuh as she waved goodbye at nursery...again perhaps a fluke. She also shuffled on her bottom about 2 metres at nursery last week and has been trying to pull herself up on her activity cube. Bless her, she is so close to crawling but her body just goes into autopilot and she rolls the second she is up on her knees.

We did have an exciting development this month though...she cut her first tooth! 

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I cannot wait to see what the next few months hold for her, will she be walking by her birthday like her brother? We will see!

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