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A Present Day Throwback - Remember the 2010's?

2010's trends were social media driven. Following the huge rise of internet stars, bloggers and YouTube sensations it was difficult to avoid the latest must haves (and must not haves!). Monthly favourite vlogs, reviews and hidden advertorials swamped our news feeds and with Paypal taking over from old style banking we could purchase these products in seconds!

2010 Trends from

What were these must haves though?

Well you may have had one if not all of these items somewhere in your home. We had stores like Oliver Bonas and Homesense to thank for a lot of the interiors trends and it was easy to replicate high end designs on a budget with the likes of Primark and Aldi creating affordable dupes.

Rose Gold or Copper accessories

Fruit Themed Everything 

Gallery Walls
Gallery Wall -
Woodland Animal accessories
Succulents -
Marble print
GarlandsMonochrome accessories

Shelfie from

Fashion Trends

2010's fashion consisted of throwbacks from every other decade. That meant anything from the 40's through to the 90's worked. From lindybop dresses to chokers and platform all came out of the closet this decade! Some of my favourite (and least favourite) new trends though were...

Slogan Tees/Sweatshirts
Slogan Tee worn by

Matte Lipstick, Contouring and HD Brows

Mermaid/Unicorn Hair, nails, clothing  (pretty much anything rainbow coloured)

Manbuns/Glitter beards

This little also guy caused chaos amongst Primark shoppers! 
Lifestyle Trends

The likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime also appeared in the 2010's opening up a world of box sets and 'chilling'. Blankets, fancy mugs and pyjama sales went through the roof as we all opted for quiet nights in over wild nights out.

Happiness Planner and Geometric Prints from 
We discovered new words like Hygge and Shelfie. Embracing wellness, good mental health and celebrating happiness and gratitude. We lived off diets of avocado on toast, kale crisps, monster shakes and buddha bowls. Creating Pinterest ready dinners which often went cold while we snapped away then filtered the crap out of them before uploading to our ever expanding social media feeds.

Becoming a Mum in 2012 meant I spent most of my 2010's in serious Mombie mode. Mumbuns, high-waisted stretchy jeans and oversized tees were my chosen wardrobe essentials. I had at least one corner of each room Instagram ready at all times while the rest of the house looked like an explosion in Babies R Us!

We had a Royal Wedding followed by a Prince and Princess being born, Horse Meat Scandals, the world showing its darkest side then its brightest as people came together following a whole host of tragedies, Brexit, Ed Sheeran and Snapchat filters. 

So there are just a few things that stood out to me from those 10 years. Which 2010's trends do you remember?

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  1. I actually own 2 LindyBop dresses! Didn't realise I was such a fashionista! Hahaha love this post!


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