Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pop N Jump from Summer Infant Review

Anyone who has the slightest bit of experience with 5 month old babies will know they are wiggly bundles of scrumptiousness. They are adorable but my goodness can they move! Not quite able to sit, roll and crawl properly but more than happy to stand up, ALL.THE.TIME! 

I am absolutely covered in bruises on my thighs from Callie using me as a human springboard. She loves jumping up and down on my lap but I am having to rethink my wardrobe choices to account for the black and blue circles dotted across my upper legs. Not fun! 

With that all in mind you can imagine the joy I felt when I was offered the chance to try out the Summer Infant Pop 'n' Jump. This nifty fold up baby bouncer, gym, entertainment zone is perfect and my legs want to say a huge thank you.

Who am I kidding they are totally not my legs! Anyway this new toy has gone down a storm. Callie loves it, I love it, my frigging legs love's awesome! 

Ok so I may be being a bit silly but in all honesty this is one of the best products we have reviewed on the blog. I have always wanted one of those expensive ones that sounds like know the brand I mean but they are so large, much larger than they look online trust me I saw some at the baby show a few years back. They are heavy and cumbersome and once they are there...they are there! 

With the Pop n Jump the best selling point is the foldaway option. It folds down neatly like a camping chair, into a bag and can be chucked under the stairs like we do out of the way. It means when bedtime rolls round I can hide all evidence that children even exist in the house and pretend we are FREE.

I was adamant all Callie's large would match my colour scheme in the house, she has a pink and blue floral baby seat which suits my living room. So when the Pop n Jump arrived it was a bit of a shock with all the colours but honestly kid's love bright colours and it can be put away when I want my grown up living room for a few hours. 

I love the design, the polka dots and stripes are great fun and it has a woodland animal theme which is very cute. Callie loves gnawing on the bumble bee and reading the story about the hopping frog. 

Look at those little feet! The legs of the Pop n Jump can be adjusted for when they get older, little Pops only has small legs so the lowest setting is only just supporting her at the moment but she actually jumps in it which is so funny to watch. She goes a bit crazy in it and it keeps her occupied while I get things done around the house. 

This weekend we had some gorgeous weather so took it to my Auntie and Uncles house where she played while the family cooed over her. It meant she had her own space which she needs sometimes, she hates being fussed over too much and I knew she was safe just watching everyone. 

On Sunday we were tidying the garden and enjoying some more lovely weather so we popped the additional sunshade up to protect her and she played to her hearts content watching her big brother playing. It was nice to be able to eat dinner and get gardening done not having to worry about her either being on the grass or bored in her chair. 

Look at her face! She looks so happy. 

Not sure the tree stump was designed as a teether but she gives it a good old nibble most of the time she is in there. She also loves to use her nails to scratch the canvas fabric and make funny noises. I think she discovers something new to do every time she is in there.

We are so pleased with the Pop n Jump, it will last us a long time and is now on offer at just £49.99 (rrp £69.99) so would make a great present too. Huge thumbs up from us (except Callie who has hers in her mouth constantly!)

*I was sent this product sample for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. This looks awesome! My two would have loved this when they were babies! x

  2. This is such a great looking product, I'd have much preferred this to be ginormous bouncer we had!xx

  3. We have a 'rhymes with kangaroo' and I so wish I'd read this review before I'd bought it! It's flippin' massive and currently dominating my living room. The sunshade on this is an inspired idea, too!

  4. We had this too and totally loved it. Its ace for taking outside with you and taking to friends or parents houses to keep them entertained isnt it :-)

  5. This looks totally fab, I love that you can take it anywhere with you so you can move them round as you go round the house. This would have been a godsend for me!

  6. This looks fab, I love that it has a sun shade so it can be used outside! Would definitely get one of these purely because of that if we are lucky enough to have another baby. And it's a very reasonable price too xx

  7. Looks brilliant! She's such a cutie. The sun shade is a great idea. x


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