Monday, 20 March 2017

Welcome our new additions!

This weekend we welcomed some new additions to the McDonald family. Our 3 beautiful chickens! 

Meet Red, she had a red tag on her ankle but was named by Ted after Angry Birds. Zelena who has a green tag and I named her after the character from Wicked and Once Upon A Time. These two are Plymouth Rock Bantams. 

Then last but by no means least we have Steve. Steve is a female Silkie with scruffy feathers and little blue earlobes. Joe loves her despite her scruffy appearance. 

They are all so friendly and we have even had a couple of eggs from the red girls already! Ted loves having a pet and it is lovely seeing him and Joe venture to the garden to let them out and pop them to bed every night. The girls seem really happy and I hope we will have many more eggs from them in the future! 

Have you got any interesting pets? 

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