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Top 5 Low Syn or Free Snacks - Slimming World

When I started Slimming World a few weeks ago the main issue I had was I needed to curb my snacking. Over Christmas I got into a habit of grazing on junk food and that was where my pounds had piled on. That combined with a total lack of exercise after having Callie amounted to a stone of extra weight and I felt crap for it.

Through Slimming World I have learnt that grazing and snacking is ok as long as it is on the right things. Gradually over the past few weeks I have found myself making healthier choices and choosing better foods for my body. I'm feeling awesome for it! 6lbs down in the first two weeks and I already feel a lot more healthy and awake....well as awake as you can be with 2 kids to look after. So I wanted to share with you my 5 favourite low syn snacks, my go to treats.

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1. Healthiest first, has to be a Fruit and Fat Free Yogurt. You can really shake this up by changing the types of fruit and flavours of yogurt. I had strawberry last week but this week picked up some Aldi fat free vanilla yogurt to have with apples, strawberries and satsumas. I even top some of mine with a Salted Caramel HiFi Light from my HexB allowance. 

2. 2 Syn Chocolate Mousse. This is great for a low syn chocolate fix. Mix low fat Quark with your favourite Options hot chocolate sachet for an almost cheesecake like dessert.

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3. Ploughmans are my favourite too and pickled veggies are free so I fill a plate with carrot sticks, tomatoes and apple (speed food), gherkins, pickled onions and sometimes my HexA cheese allowance for a healthy snacking plate. 

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4. Syn Free pancakes. Just separate 2 eggs and whisk the whites into stiff peaks, add back in the yolks and 3 tablespoons of powdered sweetener. Cook over a low heat like regular pancakes flipping once the bottom is browned and serve with fat free yogurt and berries. The picture above is of my 2 ingredient pancakes made with banana and egg but you would have to syn out the cooked banana in these so the first recipe is best and still as nice!

5. This one is brilliant. Banoffee Cheesecake! This recipe is either Free if using your cereal bars as HexB or 6 Syns per serving. Serves 4.
3 Muller Light Banana and Custard Flavour8 Tesco Healthy Living Chocolate and Caramel Bars1 Packet of powdered gelatin1 tub of Quark1 Banana 
1. Take the cereal bars. Break them into a bowl and microwave them until they go soft. Press into a loose bottom cake tin or as I did into individual ramekins (this recipe makes 4 small ones). Set in the fridge while you make the topping. 
2. Make the gelatin as per instructions on the packet.
3. Pop the Muller Lights and Quark into a bowl and mix together. 
4. Add the gelatin and combine. 
5. Pour mixture onto the chilled base and allow to set overnight. 
6. Top with fresh banana before serving. 

*this recipe is inspired by Dots and Spots

Just a heads up some of these recipes may be seen as tweaks so it is worth looking into Slimming World tweaks and how you feel about them. Speak to your consultant if you need any help understanding things too! Let me know if you try any of these and tag me in any pictures, my social media links are in the right hand bar! 

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