Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My photoshoot with Ania Ames

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of having my portrait taken by our wonderful wedding photographer Ania Ames. I have known Ania for a while now, she photographed a friends wedding a few years ago and I fell in love with her work and was thrilled when she had the space for our last minute wedding

She captured our big day beautifully so when I was looking for some head shots to use for work she was the first person I asked. She suggested taking the photos somewhere I love so that they are natural and capture me in an environment I am comfortable in. 

The first place that came to mind was a garden centre that we visit as a family. A place that is full of beautiful trinkets, plants and the place we planned to buy our chickens from. It has a stunning tea room with exposed brick and solid oak furniture which I thought would work perfectly in pictures. 

I took Callie with me and was so pleased when Ania started snapping away with her in my arms. I don't have many pictures of me and her that aren't selfies (always behind the camera). 

It never comes naturally for me to pose for pictures. I don't quite know how to hold myself or where to look. Ania helped by giving me some simple poses and we had a little giggle about how uncomfortable I looked at times. Looking wistfully into the distance isn't as easy as it sounds! 

We had people looking at us a bit strangely but it wasn't very busy so fortunately we managed the shoot without more than the odd side glance. I absolutely adore the photos and there are at least a few I will be using for work purposes. 

Joe loves this one of me braving the the crisp winter morning. This is my new favourite coat I picked up at a charity shop and I almost live in it so it seemed only right to wear it for the shoot. 

Being a big tea drinker I never feel quite right without a cuppa first thing so this shot sums me up totally. Most of my blog bio's include something about being a tea drinker so it had to be included right? 

Do go and check out some more of Ania's work. She has a beautiful website and her Instagram feed is breathtaking. Also if you are local to Northamptonshire do pop into The Bell Plantation, they do a mean bread and butter pudding in the tea room! 

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Our usual photographer is on mat leave atm - I can't wait for her to start shooting again as I desperately need some new photos for work!


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