Thursday, 30 March 2017

Callie at 5 Months

Our baby girl was 5 months on Saturday. I say it in every update but how the hell did it happen? I accidentally said she was 5 weeks the other day because it feels like it! She has just come out of the other side of her 4 month leap and boy it was a tough one. Restless nights, fussing with feeds and generally a grouchy girl. It is good to have our happy little bunny back and I am relieved the sleep regression hasn't been a permanent thing. 

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The same as my months 1-3 update I thought I would go back to Baby Centre for the list of where Callie should be in reference. 

Baby's age: four months
  • Holds head up steadily
  • Can bear weight on legs
  • Coos when you talk to him
  • Does mini push-ups
  • Can grasp a toy
  • Reaches out for objects
  • Can roll over - From front to back
  • Imitates speech sounds - Mummmummmm
  • May cut first tooth - Still not budging! 
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She is now 5 months so here are some of the things she can already do and only still to master.

Baby's age: five months
  • Can distinguish between bold colours - Not sure how I would know but she is drawn to bright things.
  • Can roll over
  • Amuses himself by playing with hands and feet
  • Turns towards new sounds
  • Recognises own name - I think so although it could just be my voice she responds to
  • May sit momentarily without support
  • Mouths objects - Alllll the objects!
  • Stranger anxiety may begin 
The stranger anxiety was something I hadn't had much experience of this until today. I passed her to my best friend (Ted's Godmother) while I went to get something and came back to her sobbing. She has only met Claudy a few times since she was born due to Claudy being pregnant and then having her twin girls and I forgot Callie may not know her yet. Poor Callie and poor Auntie Claudy! 

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Everything gets put in her mouth at the moment and she actually stops eating things when I tell her not to which results in her sneaking it back in then laughing when I say no again. She soaks dribble bibs within an hour but her teeth still haven't made an appearance despite me thinking I could feel one a few weeks ago. Ted hates her drooling all over his toys but is actually very patient with her. 

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We started weaning this week so a post will be following soon about how we are getting on with that and why we chose to wean before the recommended 6 months. She is in size 2 nappies still and we have been trying out the Little Angels nappies from Asda. They are actually just as good as the nappies we use normally and are quite soft. I am impressed with how absorbent they are too as we have tried a few other brands that haven't stood the test of Callie's sleeping through the night! Overall a big thumbs up for us. 

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I am really enjoying life as a Mum of two as exhausting as it is. It is time to think about what I am going to do after my maternity leave ends though and it is such a hard decision to make. Who knows the next update may involve nursery visits! 

*We were sent a pack of Little Angels nappies to try out but opinions are my own.

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