Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Fairy Garden - Magic Bean Pot Review

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When it comes to hands on kids activities I am sad to say we don't do a lot of them at home. Despite being super creative the most I stretch to at the moment is drawing and playdoh. This is mainly due to the amount of cleaning up after we have to do on top of juggling general clear up after a 4 year old and a baby. However we were recently offered a chance to review a Magic Bean Pot from Interplay and I knew it would be right up Ted's street. 

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The toy arrived and first impressions were that it is really cute. A little flowerpot with a pretty little fairy called Joy sitting on the edge of the pot accompanied by a sweet bird perched on a tiny spade. The packaging is lovely and overall it looks like a great quality toy. 

We opened the box and despite those pesky twist ties holding everything neatly in place it was simple to unbox and didn't need any scissors or power tools to bust open (we've all been there right?!).

Ted was excited to get going and the instructions said we needed some compost. Now I am not green fingered and our dirt in the garden was rock hard so instead of purchasing a whole bag of fresh compost I raided the flower pots and got enough to plant our bean. Worth thinking about before purchasing though as some people may have to pay for the soil on top...but it is only a couple of quid from the garden centre and if you are lucky they may let you have a small amount free (worth a shot!).

We got a big plate and lay all the bits and bobs out along with our bowl of compost. I thought the instructions were really simple and easy to understand. Working through from popping the compost in, making a well for the bean, placing the bean in before covering it up and then watering and putting in a warm place. So easy right? Ted loved it and kept saying "Joy's bean is going Joy at Christmas". He knows I have an aversion to the word Joy being used so excessively during the festive period and unfortunately has picked up on it.

Our Lima bean (these are edible once grown and cooked) is now nestled snugly in it's pot on the window sill ready to get growing. We had a spare bean in the box too just in case this one doesn't germinate but fingers crossed!

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There are lots of other lovely toys in the My Fairy Garden range including the new Fairy Watering Can newly released this year which is great for keeping those gorgeous fairy gardens hydrated. We may have to build our own fairy garden this summer as I have been saving some ideas on Pinterest for the past few years.

I can't wait to see if our bean grows. Hopefully Ted will be able to have some beans on toast that he has grown himself and I will be sure to update you all on Instragram once it germinates! 

*We were sent this toy in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own. 

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