Monday, 13 February 2017

Callie at 3 Months

I have been so busy being a Mum of two that I forgot to write up Callie's 2 month update. She is now a whole 3 months old and I am not 100% sure how this happened. As I write this she is laying on the floor next to me sucking on her dribble covered hands enjoying the wonders of Bing bunny. I know, I totally have this parenting thing covered! 

Baby girl tummy time

I thought I would do a bit of reading up this week about where Callie should be at with her development and Baby Center have a fab 1-6 month chart for milestones. I thought I would go through the 2 and 3 months so that you can see where we are at. The ones in bold she is doing now.

2 Months
  • Vocalises sounds - gurgling and cooing
  • Follows objects
  • Holds head up for short periods
  • Smiles responsively, laughs
  • Holds head at 45-degree angle
  • Movements become smoother
  • Holds head steady
  • Bears weight on legs
  • May lift head and shoulder (mini push-up)
Baby in Bumbo

3 Months
  • Laughs and smiles - So close to a proper laugh, just squeaks at the moment
  • Holds head steady
  • Recognises your face and scent
  • Squeals, gurgles, coos
  • Recognises your voice
  • Does mini push-ups
  • Turns towards loud sounds
  • Can bring hands together and may bat at toys
  • Can roll over - nearly there!

Here are the 4 Month milestones she has already covered off too which is great!

4 Months
  • Holds head up steadily
  • Can bear weight on legs
  • Coos when you talk to her
  • Does mini push-ups
  • Can grasp a toy
  • Reaches out for objects
  • Can roll over
  • Imitates speech sounds - baba, dada
  • May cut first tooth

As well as all these physical milestones our little miss has also changed in a few other ways. She has been sleeping through from 7pm to 7am most nights which is fantastic, she is on 6oz bottles now (how did that happen?!) and is slowly moving into her 3-6 month clothes although oddly still fits in a fair few newborn bits. We have had to move her up to size 2 nappies and although I haven't taken her to get weighed she had her jabs so has seen the nurse who said she looks really well! 

She is teething which means lots and lots of dribble and we have also been trying her in her Bumbo for short periods to build her strength up and she is so comfortable in it. 

As a family we have settled really well into life as a foursome and Ted is loving having his baby sister around! We have lots of exciting things planned over the next few months and weaning is going to be the next big adventure!

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