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Little Bambino Bags - Pre-filled Hospital Bag Review

When I was pregnant one of the subjects I found came up the most was hospital bags. Often those last few months waiting for baby find you packing and repacking your hospital bag just to calm your nerves and reassure yourself you have everything you need. 

I came across a genius brand that sells pre-packed hospital bags. Little Bambino Bags include lots of essentials for both Mum and Baby. Since opening in October 2016 their business has rocketed and they now have over 10k followers on Facebook which is quite something! I was pleased to be given the opportunity to review a bag for them and here are my thoughts. 

Ordering and Delivery

Little Bambino Bags website is simple as they have just started out but is easy to use and has all the information you need. There are loads of designs to choose from and a range of sizes to suit your needs. I chose the Blossom bag in Medium so that it could be used as a changing bag after. I also love the Quill design with white feathers on a blue background. 

The ordering process is easy, Firstly pop to the 'What's in Them' page to choose your content options. These are Standard, Organic, Breastfeeding and Combined. I went for the Standard option as the other options are new additions but perfectly so as they offer a choice depending on your preferences. 

Once you have decided on the contents you choose which bag you want and the size and click Add To Cart. Delivery is £8 per bag and includes courier delivery. This is essential as the contents are heavy. The price of the bags range from £39.99 to £49.99 which may sound expensive but wait until you hear what is in them! 

First Impressions

My Little Bambino bag arrived within a week and was nicely boxed up. I couldn't wait to see what goodies were inside. The bag itself was really pretty and I chose it based on my new Cath Kidston trainers which it matches really well! 

The rose gold zip is a lovely detail and there is a small pocket on the inside for phone/keys etc. The canvas fabric is quite durable but the zip was a bit stiff. I assumed it would get better in time.

Inside the Bag - Mum

Opening the bag I found a whole host of goodies. The mini sizes of toiletries are fab for travelling light and the large packs of pads and disposable briefs are essential for any hospital bag. A great range of products and from well known brands too not just cheap products to make a huge profit from. The little hairbrush is great too as my every day one is enormous and the toothbrush pack is ideal so that you don't have to pack your home one (in case of a hurry to the hospital).

Pre-filled hospital bag from little bambinos content

Inside the Bag - Baby

The baby contents were even better than the Mummy ones in my opinion. All full sized Johnson's products which I know do get a bad rep so glad there has been an option added for organic bath products too. The bibs came up a bit big for newborns but are nice and plan and the white hat, scratch mitts and muslin's were great quality. 

We actually use the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles so having one of those thrown in was great. The nappies were reasonably good too and we use the folding changing mat every night as it tucks easily down the side of the cot. 

For a full list of Mummy and Baby contents see the website.

Overall Impressions

Unfortunately a month or so after I got my bag the loop for the shoulder strap broke. Something happened with the stitching and actually the zip still hadn't improved so I contacted Little Bambino's and they advised that standard returns policy is 14 days for returns and replacements. I pointed out that there must have been a fault with the bag and they arranged for a replacement to be sent. The replacement arrived and seems a lot better than the original although the zip is still a bit stiff. It must just be the type of zip used. 

I really do think this is a great product and the company were so friendly. I would recommend it as a baby shower gift or a special treat for expectant mothers. We use our bag every day as a changing bag and I always get comments on how pretty it is. 

A fantastic concept and really takes the stress out of packing your hospital bag. I filmed a video about what I packed in my bag before this arrived so do watch it for some ideas of what else to take with you and from experience I would add a flannel and more snacks for Daddy as Joe was ravenous! 

What would you add? 

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  1. I love that it comes pre-packed. That would save a lot of time trying to round up bits to pack and worrying over whether you have enough, or the right, stuff! #TriedTested

  2. That's so cool that it comes pre-filled! We love the cute pattern on it too...matches your trainers perfectly :) #TriedTesed x

  3. I was dreadful at packing my bag each time - leaving it to the last minute and not really knowing what to put in it. This is a great idea.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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