Wednesday, 18 January 2017

5 tips for surviving night feeds

If you are a parent you will know that one of the most difficult things about being a parent is night times. Newborns should really hang upside down from the rafters they are that nocturnal but honestly night times, feeds specifically don't have to be as stressful as they often are. It just takes a little prep. Here are some of my top tips for surviving those dreaded night feeds!

1. Be Prepaaaaaaared (sang just like the song from The Lion King...yep that know it!). Getting yourself all ready for the night feed is the most important step. Make sure you have everything you may possibly need to hand. This includes... 
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Changing mat (or unit depending on what you use) 
  • Bottles if you bottle feed
  • Boobs if you breast feed (don't leave them behind!) 
  • A change of clothes for little one
  • Clean know in case you have an accident...(I meant for baby!) 
  • A spare dummy if you use them, trust me we have lost lots down the back of the cot in the night and you do not want to be hunting at 3am.
  • A snack and drink for you (trust me you will get hungry when your body thinks it is breakfast time!)
  • A book or phone to hand...night feeds get booooooring!
baby girl sleeping with a black and white focal blur

2. Keep the lights down low. Both yourself and baby will get back to sleep a lot easier if you haven't been woken up by Blackpool Illuminations in the early hours of the morning. 

3. Don't change baby unless you really need to. If they have just done a little wee wee there is no need to change them as it just wakes them up. Of course in case of a poonami of course change that as quickly and stress free as you can.

4. Shh...try to keep any speaking to a low level, soothing gentle voices will help keep baby sleepy. 

5. Get comfortable as this could take a while. I always feed Callie in our bed, proppped up with pillows so I am upright but have always wanted to have space for one of those gorgeous nursing chairs. Wherever you feed baby make sure you have a good posture and everything is within reach should you need it.

newborn baby asleep in purflo bed nest

Lastly and this isn't really a tip but take a deep breath. Settling baby after a night feed is often the hardest bit and I am no expert on soothing babies so I won't begin to talk about sleep techniques but try to keep calm and remember night time doesn't last forever and morning will soon come. 

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