Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 5 - Callie's 1 Month Update

I cannot believe our baby girl is a month old. This month has flown by in a whirlwind of dirty nappies and night feeds...oh night feeds how I didn't miss you!

4 weeks in and we are starting to feel more normal again. Callie seems to have just clicked right into place in our little family and is such a happy girl most of the time. I haven't had her weighed since day 10 (second baby means I am more relaxed) but she is up to 5oz bottles now every 4ish hours and is feeding reasonably well.

I say reasonably well as the last few days she has seemed a bit unsettled, hiccups and spits up after most feeds etc. We suspect either colic or slight reflux may be causing the issues so I am aiming to see a health visitor tomorrow to see what we can do to help her.

Night times she is going to sleep with us downstairs from 7.30ish then we feed her at 10.30/11.00 before we go to bed and she settles in her own bed. She has Ewan the Dream Sheep to help to self soothe along with her dummy and does usually settle quite well at this time. Her early morning feed 2.00/3.00 is a bit more trouble asm she struggles to get herself back down so we are working on ways to keep her sleepy during the feed etc. She will then go back down until 5ish or through until 7 on a good day which the past week is quite rare. I know we can't really complain as 1 month in she is being really great with sleep but just need her to settle early morning as it has taken 2 hours some nights to get her back down.

She sleeps most of the time between feeds in the day waking for an hour or so. She doesn't tend to play very much at the moment but we get the occasional 30 minute stint of a happy baby before she falls asleep or needs feeding/changing!

We can still squeeze her into her newborn sized clothes but will soon be growing out of them. She has quite dry skin at the moment so we are lathering her in coconut oil daily to makes her smell like a Bounty bar!

We have a 6 week check on 19th December so I will be sure to pop an update on the blog then.

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