Friday, 16 December 2016

Blogmas Day 16 - What Ted Said

I haven't done a What Ted Said post for aaaaaaages but being almost 4 now Ted has been coming out with some corkers I wanted to share with you...

*Walks out of Mothercare*..."Ugh it stinks of seagull poo out here!"


In the car...Ted: Mummy when my winkle falls off then I will have girl bits
Me (slightly bemused): Ted your winkle will never fall off?!
Ted: n'only if I don't do enough wee's any more it will
Me: Trust me buddy it won't
Ted: When I am older it will!
Me: Daddy still has a winkle...
Ted: But if he doesn't do any more wee it will!

To Callie..." you want to get shoved in a cage babycakes?" 


I had a sore back and he wrapped me in a blanket and got me a 'hot compress' in the form of his Nemo cuddly.


Ted: look Mummy Mr Maker!
Me: Aw Yeah!
Ted: Why do you say yeah every day?
Me: Sorry should I say Yes?


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