Thursday, 15 December 2016

Blogmas Day 15 - Cuddledry Bath Towel Review

Those of you that have been following the blog over the last few years will know that there are a few brands we love. I am lucky enough to be an ambassador for a few of them but despite being an ambassador I will always give my honest opinion on the products, promising never to promote a product that I don't genuinely love myself. One of these brands is Cuddledry. I adore their products and since we won our first apron in a competition when Ted was a baby I have been a big fan.

Fortunately for me being a Cuddledry Superblogger I am now able to test run new products and share them with you. The latest one is the gorgeous grey and white apron with star detail. I now have a beautiful new baby to try it out too and thought what better way to show you how the towel works than with a little video. 

You will see the towel works as an apron that poppers around my neck, allowing me to keep my hands free to scoop Callie up and wrap her snuggly from the bath. The bamboo fibre makes for a super soft touch while still being really absorbent. I am totally in love with the new design as most items we have for Callie are grey and white with must be on trend at the moment, not one to follow trends for the sake of it but I love grey so I'm not complaining. 

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Ted still has his Snugglemonkey which we featured last year and it was so cute getting pictures of them both together. A lot of people mention to me that Cuddledry is expensive and yes as far as towels go £29.99 is a lot but when you think this is the only towel your baby is going to need for perhaps 2 years if not more it really is an investment. We still actually use our original apron as a regular towel now but I am going to be gifting it to our friends when their twins are born as it is still in brilliant condition. 

Do you own any Cuddledry products? If so which is your favourite?

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