Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Calm Before The Baby...

Those of you that are on your second, third, fourth...fifth...ok more than one child will appreciate that before a baby comes there is a certain sense of the calm before the storm. Those few months of pregnancy where you think, we need to enjoy these days before we are up to our eyeballs in newborn gumfh (sp) and make the most of the days with the older siblings. 

I know we have tried our best to make the past few weeks special for Ted before baby girl arrives and I have really enjoyed making the most of our time as a family of 3. We have been on days out, snuggled more than ever before and embraced life as a trio in general. 
We went on a weekend trip to Anglesey in Wales with friends, visited a local Zoo, took Ted bowling for the first (and second) time, enjoyed a cheeky Nando's (or two!). I enjoyed a few hot coffee's before baby arrives to interrupt them!

We had lots of lazy days on the sofa watching movies, had lunches out and shopping trips galore. Before the weather got bad we had a day at Stanwick Lakes in the sunshine and a paddle in the water area and generally have just soaked up each others company and made Ted feel super special before he becomes a big brother!

It has been a wonderful few months despite any pregnancy niggles and I will treasure these days forever. Now onwards to our next big adventure and our baby girl joining us for lots more fun, days out and plenty of snuggles!

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