Saturday, 26 November 2016

Body Confidence in Pregnancy with Secret Saviours

Pregnancy is something I may not experience again. We have had a discussion as a couple and decided that unless our feelings change in the future that we would settle with two children. I am not sure I could cope with the physical and emotional upheaval of being pregnant again. Despite being happy and comfortable in my decision I can't help but feel a pang of sadness knowing I may never grow another baby. I might never have a bump or feel those little kicks again!

With Ted my Hypermesis made the whole first pregnancy pretty awful. I was so sick I couldn't think about anything other than being unwell. This time round though I had that pregnancy 'glow' and really embraced having a beautiful bump growing.
Another amazing feeling I felt for the first time in years was a total body confidence. After having Ted I piled on the pounds and despite losing almost a stone a year before falling pregnant with Callie I always struggled to feel comfortable with my 'mum tum'. Yet as soon as my tummy began to grow all of those wobbly bits seemed to vanish. I was no longer an overweight flabby Mumma....I was growing a child...I was a baby making warrior and I was proud. 
This influenced the clothes I wore. For the first time in years I wore tight fitting clothing in order to show off my beautiful bump. My skin was radiant and my hair silky. I looked in the mirror and thought, you know look great! Made a huge change from the grey knackered look I had when pregnant with Ted! 

I totally rocked my bump and with the help of the wonderful team at Secret Saviours I pampered myself for the first time in ages. Using their specially formulated day gel and night cream, which are proven to help reduce the appearance and start of stretch marks, I cared for my bump and wrapped it in the wonderfully bobbly support band. These bobbles help to ease stress on the bump and prevent stretchmarks from forming. 

The scent of both gels were something I had to get used to as it is quite medicinal but that is to be expected. I love the consistency of the day gel and it is quite cooling which felt so good on my tight bump. It feels quite sticky once applied but with the band over it I barely noticed the stickiness and it really felt like it was working. The night cream is a lovely moisturising cream. Ted loved helping rub it all over my tummy as bit of added bonding with baby.  
The band itself was easy to wear, invisible under clothing and had a very cute hidden heart among the padded polka dots. I felt like it supported me without being bulky. I started to use it quite late on in my pregnancy so sadly some smaller stretch marks had formed but by the end of the pregnancy I had nowhere near as many as I did with Ted and my old marks had even began to fade slightly. I don't think this is a miracle eraser product for those tiger stripes but it definitely helped to reduce redness. 
So with my bump all pampered and cared for I was confident that I looked as good under my clothes as I did with them on. This meant I was able to take some beautiful naked bump pictures and was so proud of them. I really miss my bump but have a beautiful baby girl out here to snuggle instead!

If you are pregnant you can get involved with Secret Saviours and share your Mama Style with #RockTheBump on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You could also win your own set if you upload a picture of your beautiful bumps on Wednesday's as of course Wednesday is Hump Day - Bump Day!

*I was sent a Secret Saviours starter pack in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm glad you had a more positive experience the second time around! My body confidence is pretty low as I'm still feeling more a frumpy mummy than a pregnant one as this bump just refuses to show!
    The Secret Saviours bump band looks great!


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