Thursday, 15 September 2016

Buying baby clothes on a budget - Charity Shops

I have always tried where possible in life to spend as little money as I can on things. Be it the weekly food shop, meals out or clothes. In my mind I think what could I be doing with the extra money we spend on these things and begrudge paying more than necessary. Of course we have the odd splurge and I am far from tight but I try my best to make our money go as far as I can. 

When it comes to buying clothes I am a huge advocate for scouring the sales and charity shops are some of my favourite places to find a bargain. I know some people feel uncomfortable about wearing second hand clothing as you don't know where it has come from but I tell them to think about shopping in Primark. How many people could have tried that dress on before you and you wouldn't even know! 

My charity shopping doesn't really stop with me as I see no reason why my children can't be dressed in second hand clothing as long as it is in good condition and is washed before they wear it (sometimes I skip this part with Ted as I know the shop always wash things before they even make it onto the rails).

So when it came to buying clothes for our baby girl I wasn't afraid to shop secondhand and I have found her some beautiful clothes I may have not been able to justify at full price. Here are some of my favourites...

Here are my top 5 tips for Charity Shop spree's....

1. Get to know your local area- I know certain shops in Northampton are more expensive than others. For some reason Oxfam shops seem to price things up a lot higher than other charities so check out what you have in your local town. Some of the best are Barnardo's, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research stores. 

2. Pop in regularly. Most stores will have a changeover of stock every week or so and people donate all the time.

3. If there is anything specific you are after then ask. Often stock is kept out the back and a member of staff may be able to find what you are looking for.

4. Know your prices. Always consider how much something would cost full price. I have seen charity shops trying to sell second hand Primark clothing for more than it would cost originally!

5. Rummage. Don't be afraid to dig to the bottom of baskets, a lot of baby girls clothes were found in a 50p basket full of clothes so I had a good scramble around and dug out the best bits.

Happy Hunting!


  1. I love shopping in charity shops...
    You are right. I have bought things with fancy labels which I wouldn't have paid full price for new...Most of the things look just as new.

  2. I love charity shops! We have one in our village and it's so cheap. I haven't been there for a few motnhs now though because the people who work there now have increased the prices which is a shame because I used to get so much bargains there. I sill check the windows and pop in now and then but not weekly like i used to. i need to start popping into charity shops in my nearest town soon. x


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