Monday, 9 May 2016

First Trimester Update

As I approach 14 weeks pregnant I thought it would be a good time to note down how the first trimester has been for me second time around.

I found out I was pregnant at about 5-6 weeks. We have been TTC for almost a year and with our miscarriage in September I allowed myself and my body a while to get back on track. I am quite confident we conceived around Valentines....I know it's one of those babies!!

I actually took a test the day before my period was due as I am super impatient and had been doing tests constantly for months but this time I didn't feel the pang of disappointment and as that little cross displayed I began to well up. I was filled with excitement and an awful fear of miscarrying again, something that has stayed with me the whole way through my first trimester.

Pushing my worries to one side I showed Joe the test and he was over the moon. Obviously we have had Joe's health concerns hanging over us which meant it was hard for either of us to think about the future. At times I felt like the baby was being pushed to one side but we had so much on our plates we just didn't want to get ahead of ourselves.

I had very few symptoms for the first couple of weeks. Mainly tiredness until the nausea kicked in around 8 weeks. I haven't been nearly as sick as I was with Ted but the nausea, heightened sense of smell and food aversions have been a real pain. I couldn't open the fridge or cook anything for weeks without being sick. At 13 weeks I am coping better with things finding my own ways to deal with things like holding my breath as I quickly open the fridge, eating little and often, making sure my stomach never gets empty and listening to my body when it needs to rest.

Other symptoms I have had...

Sore boobs
Metallic taste in mouth
Heavy discharge
Round ligament pains
Floaters in vision
Low blood pressure

I also had to go to hospital at 11 weeks for a scan as I had brown discharge and cramping which worried me. Luckily baby was fine and the nurse said it was nothing to worry about but always best to get checked out.

We have decided to find out the sex of the baby and will have our 20 week scan just after our wedding in June. I am trying not to think of baby as being either a boy or a girl as I don't want to get my hopes up either way. My family and Joe are all convinced it's a girl as my symptoms are so different but I am well aware that each pregnancy can be so different regardless of the sex.

I have a meeting with the VBAC team as well as my usual consultant as I plan to have a vaginal birth following Ted's c-section. I really wanted a water birth but I am classed as a 'high risk' pregnancy so that may be off the cards.

My belly popped this weekend which was much earlier than it did with Ted. I have quite the bump on me now and I am feeling the strain of having a toddler to take care of whilst battling pregnancy exhaustion...Hoping things pick up in a few weeks!

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  1. I lost a baby early on between G and LJ and so I know how you will have been feeling. You just can't allow yourself to feel excited right? Glad you've made it through the first trimester ok though, it all starts to feel more positive from now on (until the heartburn haha!) xxx


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