Thursday, 18 February 2016

I See Me Review and Discount Code

Who do you love? 

I love my boys. The biggest one, my fiance Joe and our little boy Ted. Sometimes I think it is lovely to remind Ted how much he is loved and that was where I See Me came in...

I See Me is a brilliant company who create unique personalised childrens books and they have a special edition called Who Loves Me? which I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of.

The book poses the question Who Loves....Ted? This is where the personalisation comes in. You can add your childs name and then a different person who loves them on each page! We were able to include myself and Joe, Grandparents, Auntie's Uncles and his Godparents and Godsister. Squeezing in all of Ted's favourite people and letting him know how much they love him. 

You can even add your childs full name and date of birth which is at the front and back of the book along with a personalised message.

The book arrived complete with beautiful matching stickers and it was everything I hoped it would be. A fab hardback book with glossy cover and colourful artwork. I especially love the little hidden animals on the pages and the abstract style of the landscapes.

When we opened it Ted asked straight away if I could read it to him and as I turned each page I watched his eyes light up. Page and page went past, telling him who loves him and just how much, then the last page came and that was me done...

A blubbering mess of a Mother who just had a reminder of just how special her child is to her and these final words...

"Our love for you runs oceans deep and mountains high, it circles the sun and crosses the sky. It reaches up to the stars and surrounds all the earth and has cradled you gently since the day of your birth"

The only negative I did have was that it mentions 'The Heavens' which for us as a non-religious family was a bit strange to see in a book like this and perhaps could be changed for something more neutral. That is just our opinion but I do like to give honest feedback. This will not stop us from reading the story to Ted and I am sure he hears about Heaven and Earth quite often and will as he grows up. It certainly doesn't detract from what a beautiful story is being told and I still love the book completely! 

The website also sections the stories into For Girls and For Boys which probably isn't going to go down too well with today's parents, gender stereotyping is a bit of a touchy subject at the moment. 

Despite those two points I have made I do love the story and so does Ted, he asks me to read him "the who loves Ted book" and has learnt much of it off by heart. I have seen a few other books on the I See Me website which I like the look of too like Goodnight Little *insert name* and Hello World which would be great for a newborn gift!

They are also offering 20% discount for the next 48 hours with the code Celebrate as it's their 15 year anniversary!

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