Friday, 29 January 2016

Snuggle Monkey from Cuddledry

Those of you that read the blog will know that I have always been a fan of Cuddledry as a brand. I am fortunate enough to be a Superblogger for them and adore their unique designs and ethics. Since we reviewed the Cuddlemoo, Ted has grown considerably so I thought it was only fair that we feature another product that is suitable for 3-6 year olds like our Tedster.

The Snuggle Monkey is part of the Cuddledry Children's range. It is beautifully soft and really quite roomy so you can really wrap your little one up snug as a bug...or perhaps a monkey! 

Ted adores his dress up towel and has taken to wearing it around the house saying it is his superhero cape...perhaps an idea for the next design Cuddledry? I love giving him a big cuddle after bath times in the Snuggle Monkey as it dries really quickly and is so soft I know it will be kind on his sensitive skin. 

The design is really sweet, complete with monkey ears and a little curly tail. The popper sits nice and loosely as I found the CuddleMoo was beginning to get a bit tight on Ted's neck but then he is a big boy now with a rather large head! 

I actually use the towel a bit like a robe and Ted does wear it around the house if he is feeling a bit chilly. It keeps him really warm and is perfect for curling up in and watching a movie...perhaps Curious George?

Often found jumping around the bathroom after a bath shouting "ooh ooh" like a cheeky chimp I think it is safe to say little man is a big fan. 

As well as having lots of lovely products, the Cuddledry website has some great parenting tips and fab competitions. They will also be at The Baby Show in London on 19th February which I am sadly unable to attend but recommend highly!

*I was sent the Snuggle Monkey for this review but as always my opinions are my own.

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