Sunday, 17 January 2016

Closet Geek Necklaces

I recently came across a lovely little Etsy shop owned by a fellow blogger and fell in love with her unique style. The owner of Closet Geek, Bel, hand makes all of her geeky apparel and even takes on custom orders. I think the products are really reasonably priced and decided to purchase some for mine and Joe's Sisters this Christmas.

I loved the necklaces so much that I had to get one myself! Being a big Tangled fan I decided to go for a Baby Rapunzel on mine. She is such a darling and it feels great to have a design that nobody else has.

My Sister is a big Harry Potter fan so the HP wand necklace was an easy choice. The wand itself is really nicely weighted and there are 4 character wands to choose from. My only comment with this one is that the chain could have been a bit longer for the style but that is just personal preference and the chain can easily be replaced.

Harry Potter wand silver necklace- in four styles; Harry Potter, Hermione, Elder Wand (Dumbledore) or Voldemort

Next up were Joe's Sisters. Megan is a huge Beauty and the Beast fan so I got her the pendant with the gorgeous stained glass window from the movie. Ella has always loved Aladdin so I asked Bel to make up a custom pendant with Aladdin and Jasmine looking into each others eyes.

The girls loved the necklaces as much as I love mine and the attention to detail even in the little draw string bag they arrived in was brilliant.

I recommend having a browse at the Closet Geek Etsy shop for more designs and her handmade fancy dress costumes and bows are adorable!

*I was given a discount on my necklaces in exchange for this review but all opinion.


  1. So cute! I love the style and that necklace is adorable x

  2. These are great! I love unique jewellery, so I'll be sure to take a peek at the shop x


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