Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hotpoint RPD10657JX Washing Machine Review

Those of you that follow on Social Media will know that we recently moved house. Our new rental home came without white goods so we needed to get all new fridge freezer and washing machine. Having never owned either of these things due to them being provided in previous properties I was super excited when we got these ordered. We were able to review the washing machine and here are my thoughts.

The Hotpoint Ultima S-Line washing machine other than being shiny and new has a whole host of features that we think make it the perfect choice for families. Firstly it has a A+++ energy rating making it cheaper to run and less 'juicy'. It also has an enormous 10kg drum allowing for bigger and less loads (we got through 3 wash baskets of backlog in less than a week).

The set up was really straightforward, something neither of us had ever had to do and was just a case of screwing one pipe in and popping the drainage pipe into the tube already in the property. Thanks to Joe's Dad for showing him how it was done!

I came across an issue here though. I read the manual and it said we needed to put the machine through a cleaning cycle first. I filled it up with detergent and pressed the buttons. 15 minutes later Joe shouted from the kitchen and I walked in to find foam spilling out of ever nook and cranny! I had misread the instructions and was meant to put 10% of the detergent I would normally use in the machine....oops! 2 spin and pump out cycles later and the foam had cleared...I would not be making that mistake again!

Anyway, we got a chance to use the machine straight away with a big back log of washing we had been tackling for months. We loved how easy to use it was and the range of cycles are fantastic. Some of the cycles we think work best for our family include...

Baby - This setting washes the clothing thoroughly fighting stains and killing germs but most importantly clears out all detergent residue from the clothing to make it gentle on babies skin.

Bed and Bath - Perfect for bedding and towels, this one kills all those horrible germs while keeping the bedding soft and the towels fluffy. Often people would wash these items separately but this cycle allows for them all to go in at once saving lots of time and energy

Colour Care - You can choose between 3 different programmes for darks, colours and lights. These keep the colours from running and help keep whites bright and darks stay dark (perfect for black jeans!).

Anti-Allergy - This one removes dust, pollen, mites and even cat and dog hairs from clothing.

Duvets - I love this setting, you can wash duvets or pillows that do not exceed 3.5kg. This is brilliant to do when carrying out a spring clean and is perfect for when potty training toddlers...I have lost track of how many times I have needed to clean Ted's duvet!

We also love the Time Saver option which cuts wash time down by up to 50%.

Some other components I liked in this machine were the Antimicrobial seal on the door which kills off 99.9% of bacteria...this is where germs normally hang out in washers, the swivel detergent tray as our old one just had a pull out drawer and the easy to read LED display and controls.

Here is my full video review of the Hotpoint Ultima S-Line.

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