Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween Round Up

We are totally embracing Halloween this year. Ted understands it so much more now and has an obsession with all things spooky. As I type he is watching old Alvin and the Chipmunks episodes with Werewolves and Frankenstein in and chuckling to himself. 

We took him to Alton Towers last month and he went on Dual. I was a bit unsure about taking him in but he met the height restriction and really enjoyed it. He was a bit scared in parts but has been talking about 'Stombies' every day since! (unsure how I feel on that still!)

It only seemed right to spend October trawling the shops for Halloween goodies and picking up Pumpkins to adorn the windowsill. I have been practicing my makeup for the parties we are attending and Ted has been planning his costumes for nursery's dressing up days.

Here are some of the fab bits we have picked up or have been sent to try out for this Spooktacular month! 

We have been collecting Pumpkins!
L-R Morrisons (50p), Waitrose (£2) and Asda (£1).

Asda Halloween Costume Frankenstien
Ted was sent a gorgeous costume from Asda for Halloween (£8).
The quality is amazing although he was sent a trick or treat bag and broke it within 5 minutes! Asda costumes are always great value for money.
Halloween Candle Jar Craft
We made these cute jam jar candle holders.

Morissons Photo Booth Halloween
The Morrisons Photo Booth was great fun!

Aldi and Asda Halloween Goodies
Aldi Halloween Goodies - Pumpkin Plate, (£6.99) Ghoul Doorbell (£6.99),
Battery Powered Candle (£3.99)

Halloween Makeup Tutorials
I have also been practicing my Halloween makeup and put it to Facebook to decide which one to film for you. The most requested was my 15 Minute Vampire Makeup and the video is recorded and ready to go but our bandwidth is causing problems uploading. I will keep trying! I also did a Mermaid, Witch and Sugar Skull look which I ran out of time to film but will sort for next year...I know I am a rubbish blogger at the moment but I blame moving house with a toddler!
Happy Halloween!!!

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