Sunday, 11 October 2015

Chemist Direct Review

I was recently asked if I would like to try out the UK's number 1 online pharmacy, Chemist Direct. I have never really purchased toiletries and such online before so was interested to see if the prices were better than buying on the high street.
The website was really easy to use, the navigation was smooth and well laid out. Special offers included discounts across the Summer Essentials and Get Back to School Ready which included lots of children's health products.
I didn't need anything in the form of medicines as we are quite a healthy bunch really despite the odd bottle of Calpol or Ibruprofen which are quite cheap to get in supermarkets anyway. I also work with Dispensing Doctors practices in my 'day job' so find it very difficult to shake my opinion that medication shouldn't be prescribed without a GP/Pharmacist assessing the patient face to face. Perhaps someone could change my mind on this but for now I think I will stick to seeing a human being before being prescribed medication.
I decided to take this opportunity to stock up on some new products I haven't used before and stocked up the first aid kit too. There was a range of top brands and some I hadn't heard of before which was interesting to have a look at. I went for a bit of a mixture so that I could see the full range of items on offer.
Here is my order...
Chemist Direct Order
(I didn't photograph duplicates)
 Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Skin Soother 200ml

Malibu Protective Lotion SPF50 200ml

Malibu Continuous Lotion SPF30 Aerosol Spray 175ml

Chapstick Tropical Shimmer  

Garnier Simply Essential Cleansing Milk 200ml

Fast Aid Antiseptic Kids Tattoo Style Plasters 15 Plasters

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast Lip Balm 4.2ml

Blistex MedPlus Cherry Berry Lip Balm 4.25g

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Soothing Gel Cream Wash 150ml

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover 50ml 

Right Guard Women Xtreme Invisible 72hr Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 150ml

Nix STYPTIC PENCIL Saves Face 5g

Steroplast Holiday First Aid Kit

Palmers Cocoa Butter Ultra Moisturising Dark Chocolate and Cherry Lip Balm

Sudden Change Anti-Wrinkle Under Eye Lift 1.18ml

Dr Johnson's Antiseptic Spray 100ml

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shine Revitaliser Dry Shampoo 150ml

Garnier Ultimate Blends Silky Smoother Dry Shampoo 150ml

Regener8 Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo 250ml

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry Toner 200ml
As well as my order there were a few samples of anti-ageing cream and a couple of promotional leaflets.
I must admit the order took a while to arrive but I didn't need anything urgently so it didn't bother me too much but I could totally understand this would be frustrating for other customers. The products were well packaged and all in good condition on arrival.
The Products
The Garnier Toner and Cleansing Milk's are great, I use these every day now and I also really liked the majority of the lip balms except oddly the Tropical Shimmer Chapstick. It smells like Pina Colada which is great but is so sparkly that you end up looking like you have fallen in fairy dust in a matter of minutes!
The Garnier Dry Shampoo smells fab but doesn't really work. I found it didn't make my hair look revitalised and clean like it promised and know there are better products on the market.
I loved the Tattoo Style Plasters and the small First Aid Kit is really handy to have about the house along with the Antiseptic Spray.
Now the Summer has left us I have little use for the Sun Cream and Aftersun but these will go unused into my cupboard for next year or passed on to family members for their holidays.
Overall I am impressed at how much I got for the £50 credit I was given and would definitely be checking back again for any special offers. I noticed they do a lot of baby products so with any luck we can pop back for them soon!

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  1. I would never think to buy toiletries online! Interesting!


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