Saturday, 29 August 2015

SOS Mummy Survival Kit

I was so excited the other day when a parcel I had been waiting to arrive (after missing collection from the postie) finally arrived. I opened it up to find a lovely bag stamped with the words SOS Shopping Bag and inside were lots of treats from the wonderful people at TENA.

Having worked with TENA in the past on a few campaigns I was delighted to work with them on the SOS Mummy Survival kit. This kit was designed to help Mum's overcome life's daily obstacles.
"For mums, our daily routine is never as simple as we’d like it to be. Whether we’re battling tired feet from running after our tottering toddler, or skipping a hair-wash day as our four-year-old can’t quite get the hang of dressing themselves in the morning. Whatever obstacles mums might face, light bladder weakness certainly shouldn’t be one of them!" 
The kit contains lots of handy aids to make day to day life that little bit easier. In my kit were...

SOS Shopping bag - Perfect to pop in the car for those emergency trips to get supplies, I hate using carrier bags so this was welcomed to add to my reusable bag collection.

Hand Sanitiser - This is going to be a welcomed addition to my handbag this summer. I usually rely on baby wipes when out and about as hand washing and drying often means getting soaking wet with a toddler and can be a lengthy process. This gel offers instant reassurance that all the germs have been busted in seconds!

Dry Shampoo - I am not ashamed to say I probably use this stuff once or twice a week. I have such long hair that I put off washing it for as long as possible. An hour to wash and blow dry is a rarity for busy Mums so this stuff is a must have.

Bio Oil - I have tiger stripes, most of us do. I am not ashamed of them but sometimes, when wearing a bikini (crikey that's a sight for sore eyes!) I wish that they weren't as prominent. I am hoping this miracle oil will help to fade them slightly so I can make room for more when we get round to baby #2.

Gel Cushions - The wildest night I have had in a while involved free mocktails at a local bar in a pair of Converse All Stars but hey, sometimes those Converse can give me sore feet too! These little cushions will be great when I brave wearing heels next and will keep me on my feet for ever more.

TENA Lights - For those Oooops moments! These have been named as ‘Mum’s Hero Health Product’ by Prima Baby and Pregnancy and are great for Mum's who suffer from slight bladder weakness from having children.

Take a look at them for yourself, and free samples can be ordered online at

Chocolate Tea from Teapigs - This isn't actually as awful as it may sound. It has a mild fruitiness that you get from dark chocolate and is a welcomed change to the usual English breakfast tea.

Personalised Apron - This is a gorgeous present for me. I only own one apron so adding this to my collection was fab, especially as it says Jade Loves Blogging on it!

What would you put in your Mummy Survival Kit?

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  1. Love the apron! It's a great survival kit fro mums and I like the fact it's got Bio Oil in - a fabulous product which I used when pregnant with both my kids. :)


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