Thursday, 6 August 2015

My BritMums Live 2015 Experience and Feedback Video

BritMums Live happened...over a month ago and finally, today...I blog about! 

There are so many amazing blog posts about the event which you can check out over on the BritMums page. I thought I would just let my pictures do the talking. Keep reading to the end for my survey feedback video too!

Here are my BritMums Live 2015 highlights...

Meeting the Twirlywoo's
Listening too Ella Woodward - Deliciously Ella
Meeting these babes! Catching up with lots of my blogging besties
and some new friends too!
Breaking a Guinness World Record.
Listening to my friend and blogging hero Lucy Heath - Capture By Lucy.
Spending time with these two gorgeous ones, 
Mrs Shilts and Mrs Bishop.
Consuming this lot...
Exploring London!
Being inspired!

My Feedback from the BritMums Live Survey
One thing I didn't really mention in the video, mainly because it wasn't asked, was how I felt after the event. Perhaps a question like "What did you bring away from the event?" would be suitable here. 

I unfortunately came away utterly exhausted and hit a brick wall when it came to my blog. I felt like my blog wasn't quite up to scratch and had a huge dose of writers block. It has taken me well over a month to get back on the horse and I still feel like I don't have a sense of direction. I found so many of the speakers have a niche subject whereas my blog is a bit of everything. I am not  a 'parent blogger' or a 'craft blogger' I don't write about one set thing so how am I expected to find my 'brand' and market it when I don't really know what my brand is?

All of these thoughts were totally overwhelming and I decided to take some time out, take a small step back and then get back in the game. You will be pleased to know I am going to keep writing and am pretty sure my mish mash blog of anything and everything will streamline itself some day but for now I am doing what I love and hoping you love reading it! 

Finally...and on a more positive note I wanted to give a huge high five to my sponsors Hippychick for helping towards my attendance for the event. It means a lot to have great brands supporting me so thank you! They have a great post over on their blog this month about transitioning your toddler from their cot to a bed so do pop by for a read when you have a sec.


  1. Great round up video hun! X

  2. It was so great to see you again! x

  3. Love this post and the video (something I haven't even tried yet!) it was a great experience to go to BritMums and lovely to meet you - looking forward to my next blogging event! :)

    1. I love vlogging, I am still a newbie though so my nerves are still quite bad. Lovely meeting you too xx


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