Sunday, 5 July 2015

This Summer's Essentials!

How glorious has the weather been lately?! I had almost given up hope of the sun ever getting his hat on but have been pleasantly surprised. We have spent so much time in the garden lately I wanted to share some pictures and a couple of awesome products that we have been enjoying in the garden this Summer.

I will go from biggest to smallest for this one starting with a Bouncy Castle! The awesome people at ToyzWorld sent us a bouncy castle to try out for a week and Ted was made up. His little face when it arrived was priceless and along with friends and family he gave it a thorough test run!

We got to try out the Bebop Turret Castle with Ball Pit, it is suitable for children up to 6 years so Ted's GodSister Bella came over for a play one day and then my cousins had a go while they were over for a family BBQ. It is so quick to put up, I managed it completely on my own and once I had worked out I needed to tie one of the air holes to allow it to inflate with the electric blower we were good to go!

I am not going to lie it does come in quite a large box and a smaller one for the blower which was kept in our kitchen for the week we had it but if you have the space they are a great investment for a big family. It can cost £100 just to hire a castle of this size for the day so at £269.95 for your own to keep I really think this is a good deal.
The ball pit was a welcomed addition too, we used our own balls although most of the balls ended up on the castle itself after Ted and my cousins Harrison and Lilly were done with it!
We have been spending a lot more time in our garden with the warm weather and dinner picnics and baths in the paddling pool have become a regular thing. I reviewed for Bean Bag Bazaar last year when we were sent one of their giant outdoor/indoor bean bags which are amazing so when I was able to try out some of their new outdoor cushions I snapped up the chance.
I chose a set of 4 cushions, two in the Aqua which matches the beanbag we reviewed and two in a gorgeous Red and Geometric pattern. I fell in love with the pattern first as I have a bit of a thing for geometric print at the moment and thought the bright colours would liven up our normally quite drab back garden.
They are waterproof and durable, surprisingly not 'sweaty' which is often common with waterproof products. I love how comfy they are too and as you sit on them the excess air puffs out and they mould around your body. Ted plays with them all the time, stacking them up or using them to make his blanket dens that little more luxurious!
They were a big hit with my family at our garden party and I think they will see us through many a summer. They are £9.99 for the plain colours and £14.99 for the patterned ones.
Another few things we have been loving this Summer are Ted's Chad Valley Paddling pool which we were sent last year as part of our Summer round up but sadly the weather turned before we were able to use it. Many a bath has taken place outside this week and Ted is really enjoying cooling down in his pool in the evenings.
We also have been eating a lot healthier as part of my low calorie diet and despite a couple of weeks of junk we have integrate a lot healthier food into our diets. I am now using coconut oil in my cooking which is a hell of a lot better for us than other oils. I was sent a jar from Monkey Nutrition along with a packet of Psyllium Husk which I am yet to be brave enough to try but I will let you know when I do and what we think of it.

The coconut oil does have a coconut taste I am not going to pretend it doesn't and being a coconut fan it doesn't bother me. In fact I find it adds a nice element to curries and stir fry's but Joe doesn't like it at all. He has put his foot down and won't have it in his food no matter what the health benefits. I guess you can't please everyone!
I did make a delicious egg fried cauliflower 'rice' dish last week and used the coconut oil and it was so good! I will pop the recipe up when I get some time! If you are looking for vitamins, supplements or healthy ingredients to perk up your regular food then Monkey Nutrition is a great site.
I can't wait to enjoy a lot more of the Summer and hope the sun visits where you are too!


  1. That bouncy castle looks amazing - we're getting one for A's birthday and I just cannot wait now! x

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Jade! Ted looks like he had such a good time xx


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